DD81-01211A Universal AquaStop Safety Inlet Hose suits Samsung Bosch Miele Smeg LG 5215DD1001C Inlet Hose

DD81-01211A Universal AquaStop Safety Inlet Hose suits Samsung, Bosch, Miele, Smeg LG 5215DD1001C

  • $64.99
  • + Freight and GST

Universal AquaStop Safety Inlet Hose suits Samsung Bosch Miele Smeg and moreORIGINAL

Length: 1720mm (will suit longer & shorter as long as it reaches connections) Flow rate: 3.5 L/min (will suit lower flow rate hoses & up to 4L/min)

Part codes it can replace:  DD81-01211A 037207, 282407, 373181, 758972367 75897075 5215DD1001C 758974075 / 811660001


Many Bosch, Miele, Omega, Samsung, Smeg, Indesit models

Samsung DMS400, DMS500, DMS400THX, DMS500TRS, DMS500TRW, DMS500TRWUPC

Replaces 5215DD1001C:

LG LD-1415T1
LG LD-1419T2
LG LD-1419W2
LG LD-1426T
LG LD-1482T4
LG LD-1483T4





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