Kenwood Mixer & Blender Motor Brush - Single Brush KW602834

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This is the Motor Brush for some Kenwood Blenders & Mixers.

  • Genuine Kenwood Blender Motor Brush 230v Single
  • Spring
  • Black

Includes: 1 x Motor Brush 230v Single


            Kenwood A901
            Kenwood Chef A900
            Kenwood Chef A960
            Kenwood Chef A980
            Kenwood Chef BL902
            Kenwood Chef BL903
            Kenwood Chef BL904
            Kenwood Chef BL906
            Kenwood Chef BL909
            Kenwood Chef KM200
            Kenwood Chef KM201
            Kenwood Chef KM210
            Kenwood Chef KM220
            Kenwood Chef KM290
            Kenwood Chef KM300
            Kenwood Chef KM310
            Kenwood Chef KM315
            Kenwood Chef KM316
            Kenwood Chef KM400
            Kenwood Chef KM410
            Kenwood Chef KM416
            Kenwood Chef KM417
            Kenwood Chef KM440
            Kenwood Chef KM460
            Kenwood Chef KM500
            Kenwood Chef PB500
            Kenwood Chef PB501
            Kenwood Major A907
            Kenwood Major A907D
            Kenwood Major A994
            Kenwood Major BL900
            Kenwood Major BL901
            Kenwood Major KM230
            Kenwood Major KM250
            Kenwood Major KM600
            Kenwood Major KM610
            Kenwood Major KM615
            Kenwood Major KM800
            Kenwood Major KM810
            Kenwood Major KM816
            Kenwood Major KM840

            KENWOOD KM300 0WKM320503 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM290 0WKM290503 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM300 0WKM300004 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM310 0WKM310501 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM315 0WKM315570 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM316 0WKM316502 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM400 0WKM400571 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM410 0WKM410029 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM416 0WKM416571 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM417 0WKM417001 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM440 0WKM440011 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM460 0WKM460001 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM500 KM500-NOSAP Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD A900CHEF A900-CHEF-NOSAP Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM200 0WKM200002 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM201 KM201-NOSAP Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM210 0WKM210002 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM220 0WKM220005 Kitchen robot
            KENWOOD PB500 0WPB500006 Small appliance
            KENWOOD PB501 0WPB501002 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL900 0WBL900010 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL901 0WBL901002 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL902 BL902-NOSAP Small appliance
            KENWOOD BL903 BL903-NOSAP Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL904 0WBL904002 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL906 0WBL906002 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD BL909 0WBL909002 Small appliance 
            KENWOOD A900MAJOR A900-MAJOR-NOSAP Kitchen robot
            KENWOOD KM230 KM230-NOSAP Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM250 KM250-NOSAP Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM600 0WKM600570 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM610 0WKM610002 Kitchen robot
            KENWOOD KM615 0WKM615570 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM800 0WKM800057 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM810 0WKM810002 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM816 0WKM816570 Kitchen robot 
            KENWOOD KM840 0WKM840009 Kitchen robot 

            and more.

            Description: additional information: Specific engine first up (carcass Alu) provide Ref 6953988 Replacement Motor (Black carcass). Appliance models concerned: A900, A901, A901 (Kenwood), BL900 – BL900 (Kenwood), KM201 – KM201 (Kenwood), KM230 – KM230 (Kenwood), KM250 – KM250 (Kenwood), km251 – km251 (Kenwood), KM410 – KM410 (Kenwood), PB500 – PB500 (Kenwood), PB501 – PB501 (Kenwood).

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