Haier Electrolux Simpson Westinghouse Welling Washing Machine Carbon Brushes - 3794411003 405505048-0 4055050480 379441100-3

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Part codes: 3794411003 405505048-0 4055050480 379441100-3

Used on Haier, Midea, Simpson, Electrolux, Westinghouse and many more. If they look the same, they suit. You just need to look at how the brush is angled. If you want a better quality version, use the inserts from "Whirlpool Carbon Brushes", they sit inside the holders and will interchange with the innards of these brushes - view in our catalog. 

These are used on Welling motors and are sometimes found in some Samsung models.




HWMP, HWM1070KFL, HWM1480KFL, HWM80, HWM70, TWLWF70, HWM75, HWM85, HWF75AW1, HWF85AW1, HWM80-1403D, 

HW-C1270TVE SOG-SOG HW-C1270TVEHW-F1481-F SOG-SOG HW-F1481-FHW70-1403D-F SOG-SOG HW70-1403D-FHW70-1202D-F SOG-SOG HW70-1202D-FHW70-1203D-F SOG-SOG HW70-1203D-FHW70-12811-F SOG-SOG HW70-12811-FHW70-1401-F SOG-SOG HW70-1401-FHW70-1482-F SOG-SOG HW70-1482-FHW80-1401-F SOG-SOG HW80-1401-FHW80-1403D-F SOG-SOG HW80-1403D-FHW80-1403DS-F-HW80-1403DS-FHW90-1479-F HAIER-HAIER HW90-1479-FHW90-1482-F SOG-SOG HW90-1482-FHWB1470TVEF SOG-SOG HWB1470TVEFHWC1470TVEF SOG-SOG HWC1470TVEFHWC1470TVEMEF SOG-SOG HWC1470TVEMEFHWD1460TVEMEF SOG-SOG HWD1460TVEMEFHWD1470TVEE SOG-SOG HWD1470TVEEHWD1470TVEF SOG-SOG HWD1470TVEFHWD80-1482-F-HWD80-1482-FHWF1481 SOG-SOG HWF1481


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