Miele Vacuum Cleaner Dusting Brush Attachment - 7010302 PM7010302 07010302 11322550

Sale price$24.30 + Freight and GST


Replacement Original Miele Swivel Dusting Brush to suit Miele S5211 vacuum cleaners. Should fit most Miele vacuums.

  • Single replacement vacuum cleaning dusting brush
  • 35mm attachment size
  • Swivel head (turns 360 degrees)
  • European designed and made
  • Made in Germany

    Miele 348I2
    Miele C3
    Miele C3 COMPLETE
    Miele S247i
    Miele S248i
    Miele S250
    Miele S251
    Miele S2511
    Miele S251i
    Miele S256i
    Miele S276
    Miele S276i
    Miele S290
    Miele S290i
    Miele S291
    Miele S300
    Miele S300i
    Miele S301i
    Miele S310i
    Miele S311i
    Miele S312i
    Miele S312i-2
    Miele S312i2
    Miele S313i
    Miele S315i
    Miele S3161-2
    Miele S316i
    Miele S318i
    Miele S321-2
    Miele S321i
    Miele S322i
    Miele S323i
    Miele S324i
    Miele S326i
    Miele S328i
    Miele S331i
    Miele S334i
    Miele S336i
    Miele S338i
    Miele S342i
    Miele S344i
    Miele S347i
    Miele S348
    Miele S348i
    Miele S356i
    Miele S370
    Miele S371
    Miele S372
    Miele S373
    Miele S374
    Miele S378
    Miele S380
    Miele S381
    Miele S382
    Miele S384
    Miele S388
    Miele S400
    Miele S400i
    Miele S401i
    Miele S402i
    Miele S408i
    Miele S412i
    Miele S420i
    Miele S4210
    Miele S4211
    Miele S421i
    Miele S4221
    Miele S424i
    Miele S426i
    Miele S4280
    Miele S4281
    Miele S434i
    Miele S438i
    Miele S438I2
    Miele S440i
    Miele S4441
    Miele S448i
    Miele S4510
    Miele S4511
    Miele S4560
    Miele S456i
    Miele S456i-2
    Miele S4580
    Miele S4581
    Miele S4660
    Miele S4711
    Miele S4780
    Miele S4781
    Miele S500
    Miele S5000
    Miele S500i
    Miele S501
    Miele S510
    Miele S511
    Miele S511-1
    Miele S5111
    Miele S512
    Miele S512-1
    Miele S5121
    Miele S512i
    Miele S513
    Miele S514
    Miele S514-1
    Miele S515-1
    Miele S516
    Miele S516-1
    Miele S517-1
    Miele S518
    Miele S518-1
    Miele S5181
    Miele S521
    Miele S5210
    Miele S5211
    Miele S524
    Miele S524i
    Miele S526
    Miele S5260
    Miele S5261
    Miele S528
    Miele S5280
    Miele S5310
    Miele S534
    Miele S536
    Miele S5360
    Miele S5361
    Miele S538
    Miele S5380
    Miele S544
    Miele S548
    Miele S548i
    Miele S550
    Miele S5510
    Miele S556
    Miele S560
    Miele S566i
    Miele S570
    Miele S571
    Miele S572
    Miele S578
    Miele S5781
    Miele S5980
    Miele S600
    Miele S612
    Miele S624
    Miele S626
    Miele S634
    Miele S636
    Miele S638
    Miele S644
    Miele S646
    Miele S648
    Miele S658
    Miele S700
    Miele S710
    Miele S710-1
    Miele S711
    Miele S711-1
    Miele S712
    Miele S712-1
    Miele S714
    Miele S714-1
    Miele S715
    Miele S716
    Miele S716-1
    Miele S717
    Miele S718
    Miele S718-1
    Miele S719
    Miele S724
    Miele S726
    Miele S728
    Miele S734
    Miele S736
    Miele S738
    Miele S744
    Miele S745
    Miele S748
    Miele S749
    Miele S758
    Miele S771
    Miele S812
    Miele S826
    Miele S828
    Miele S8320
    Miele S834
    Miele S836
    Miele S838
    Miele S844
    Miele S846
    Miele S848
    Miele S849
    Miele S858
    Miele S8790
    Miele SGFE0
    Miele SGME0

    Miele S700 Cat & Dog, S700 MedicAir, S700-1 Cat & Dog, S712/1, S718, S718-1, S726 Cat & Dog, S748, S758, S758 + SEB 217-2, S758 + S217
    Miele S812, S858 + SEB236
    Miele S5210, S5211

    S110, S120, S125, S126, S128, S129, S130, S135, S138, S158, S160, S168, S180, S182, S192, S193, S194, S195, S200, S204, S217, S218, S219, S220, S221, S222, S223, S223-2, S224, S224-2, S225, S226, S227, S227I, S228, S228I, S229, S229I, S230I, S231, S231I, S232I, S233, S234I, S236I, S237I, S238I, S240I, S242, S246I, S247I, S248I, S249I, S250I, S251I, S252I, S254I, S255I, S256I, S269I, S270I, S271I, S272I, S274I, S275I, S276I, S278I, S278I-SIL, S280I, S280I-SIL, S282I, S290, S291, S300I, S301I, S310I, S311I, S312I, S313I, S314I, S315I, S316I, S318I, S342I, S344I, S346I, S347I, S348I, S356I, S360, S370, S371, S372, S373, S374, S376, S378, S380, S381, S382, S384, S386, S388, S400I, S401I, S402I, S404I, S408I, S410I, S411I, S412I, S414I, S420I, S421I, S422I, S424I, S426I, S428I, S434I, S436I, S438I, S442I, S444I, S445I, S446I, S447I, S448I, S500, S501, S510, S511, S511-1, S512, S512-1, S513, S514, S514-1, S515-1, S516, S516-1, S517-1, S518, S518-1, S524, S526, S528, S534, S536, S538, S544, S548, S556, S558, S560, S570, S571, S572, S578, S612, S624, S626, S628, S634, S636, S638, S644, S646, S648, S658, S710, S710-1, S711, S711-1, S712, S712-1, S714, S714-1, S715, S715-1, S716, S716-1, S717, S718, S718-1, S724, S726, S728, S734, S736, S738, S744, S745, S748, S749, S758, S760, S761, S762, S764, S766, S768, S770, S771, S772, S774, S778, S812, S826, S828, S834, S836, S838, S844, S846, S848, S849, S858, S2110, S2111, S2120, S2121, S2130, S2131, S2180, S2181, S4510, S4511, S4512, S4560, S4561, S4562, S456I, S4580, S4581, S4582, S4711, S4712, S4780, S4781, S4782, S4812, S6210, S6220, S6230, S6240, S6250, S6260, S6270, S6280, S6290, S6310, S6320, S6330, S6340, S6350, S6360, S6390, S6710, S6730, S6760, S6780, S6790, S8310, S8320, S8330, S8340, S8360, S8370, S8380, S8390, S8510, S8520, S8530, S8590, S8710, S8730, S8790, S8930, S8960, S8990, SAAD0, SAAD1, SAAJ0, SAAJ1, SAAJ2, SAAO0, SAAP3, SABD0, SACD0, SACD1, SACJ0, SACJ1, SACJ2, SACP3, SBAD0, SBAD1, SBAD3, SBAF3, SBAG0, SBAG1, SBAJ0, SBAN0, SBAP3, SBBN0, SBCD0, SBCD1, SBCF3, SBCN0, SDAB0, SDAB1, SDAB3, SDAC0, SDAC1, SDAE0, SDAE1, SDAF3, SDAG0, SDAG1, SDAJ0, SDAN0, SDAO0, SDAP3, SDBB0, SDBB3, SDBE0, SDBE1, SDBF3, SDBO0, SDCB0, SDCB1, SDCB3, SDCE0, SDCE1, SDCF3, SDCG0, SDCG1, SDCJ0, SDCN0, SDCO0, SDCP3, SDMB0, SDRE1, SDRF3, SDRG1, SDRK3, SDRP3, SEAB0, SEAC0, SEAE1, SEAG0, SEAJ0, SEAJ1, SEBC0, SGDA0, SGDA1, SGDA3, SGDC0, SGDC1, SGDE0, SGDE1, SGDE3, SGDF3, SGDF4, SGDG0, SGDG1, SGDH0, SGDN0, SGDP3, SGEA0, SGEA1, SGEA3, SGEE0, SGEE1, SGEF3, SGEH0, SGEN0, SGFA0, SGFA1, SGFA3, SGFC0, SGFE0, SGFE1, SGFF3, SGFG0, SGFG1, SGFH0, SGFH1, SGFH2, SGFK0, SGFK1, SGFK2, SGFP3, SGJA0, SGJA1, SGJE0, SGJE1, SGJP3, SGMA0, SGMA3, SGME0, SGME1, SGMF3, SGMJ0, SGMP3, SGNE0, SGPA0, SGPA3, SGPE0, SGPJ0, SGPJ1, SGSA1, SGSC1, SGSE1, SGSF3, SGSG1, SGSG2, SGSH1, SGSH2, SGSK3, SGSP3, SGSP4, SGTP3, SGUG1, SGUG2, SILVERST

    ** Will actually fit all Miele Vacuums however it will not fit in the tool lids

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