Fisher & Paykel Haier Dishwasher Adjustable Front Foot - H012G1610002

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This is the front adjustable foot for some Fisher & Paykel, ELBA and Haier dishwashers.


DW12-TFE2SS (61513-A)
DW12-TFE2WH (61514-A)
DW12-TFE4SS (61521-A)
DW12-TFE4WH (61520-A)
DW60CCW1 (80753-A)
DW60CCX1 (80754-A)
DW60CEW1 (80786-A)
DW60CEX1 (80752-A)
HDW100SCT (61501-A)
HDW100WCT (61500-A)
HDW101SST (61507-A)
HDW300SS (61502-A)
HDW9SST (61504-A)
HDW9TFE3SS (61575-A)
HDW9TFE3WH (61574-A)
HDW9WHT (61503-A)

DW12-TFE2SS - 61513-A, DW12-TFE2WH - 61514-A, DW12-TFE4WH - 61520-A, DW12-TFE4SS - 61521-A, HDW12-TFE3SS - 61579-A, DW12-TFE3WH - 61581-A, DW60CEX1 - 80752-A, DW60CCW1 - 80753-A, DW60CCX1 - 80754-A, DW60CEW1 - 80786-A, DW60CRX3 - 85184-A, DW60CDX3 - 85186-A, HDW12-SFE1SS - 61578-A, HDW12-SFE3WH - 61580-A, HDW12-SFE1WH - 61582-A, HDW12-SFE3SS - 61584-A, HDW100WCT - 61500-A, HDW100SCT - 61501-A, HDW100SST - 61505-A, HDW101SST - 61507-A, HDW101WHT - 61508-A, HDW201SS - 61509-A, HDW201WH - 61515-A, HDW300SS - 61502-A, HDW9WHT - 61503-A, HDW9SST - 61504-A, HDW9SS - 61511-A, HDW9WH - 61512-A, HDW9TFE3WH - 61574-A, HDW9TFE3SS - 61575-A, WQP12AFM - 61516-A

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