Fisher & Paykel Haier Whirlpool Tumble Dryer Drum Belt - H0180300006C

Sale price$39.95 + Freight and GST


Hutchinson High End Quality, original is a cheaper Chinese brand usually $58+

Code: H0020300746 H0180300006C 1940H8 


DE6060P1, DE6060G1, DE5060G1, DE5060M1, DE4060M1, DE7060P1, DE7060G1, HDV60E, HDV50E1, HDV60A1, HDV40A1, DE4560M1, DE5060MU1, DE4560M1

Haier HDY60M, 61402-A, HDY60, HDY60M, 61416-A, 8PH1940, HDY-D60, HDY-E60, HDY-M60, HDY-M40

Whirlpool AWD60A, SDRY60

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