Panasonic Microwave Turntable Glass Tray - F06014T00AP-1

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Genuine Panasonic replacement part for some NZ microwave models. Replaces F06014T00AP. 340mm.


Panasonic NN-S540
Panasonic NN-S542
Panasonic NN-S552
Panasonic NN-S553
Panasonic NN-S553WF
Panasonic NN-S554
Panasonic NN-S555
Panasonic NN-S565WF
Panasonic NN-S573
Panasonic NN-S574
Panasonic NN-S575
Panasonic NN-S575MF
Panasonic NN-S674MF
Panasonic NN-SD686
Panasonic NN-ST557
Panasonic NN-ST557M
Panasonic NN-ST557W
Panasonic NN-ST656
Panasonic NN-ST656W
Panasonic NN-ST657
Panasonic NN-ST657S
Panasonic NN-ST657W
Panasonic NN-ST659
Panasonic NN-ST659W
Panasonic NN-ST666
Panasonic NN-ST666W
Panasonic NN-ST667
Panasonic NN-ST667W
Panasonic NN-ST669
Panasonic NN-ST669W
Panasonic NN-ST676
Panasonic NN-ST677
Panasonic NN-ST677M
Panasonic NN-ST679
Panasonic NN-ST679M
Panasonic NN-ST680S
Panasonic NN-T583
Panasonic NN-T583SF
Panasonic NN-T584
Panasonic NNS540
Panasonic NNS542
Panasonic NNS552
Panasonic NNS553
Panasonic NNS553WF
Panasonic NNS554
Panasonic NNS555
Panasonic NNS565WF
Panasonic NNS573
Panasonic NNS574
Panasonic NNS575
Panasonic NNS575MF
Panasonic NNS674MF
Panasonic NNSD686
Panasonic NNST557
Panasonic NNST557M
Panasonic NNST557W
Panasonic NNST656
Panasonic NNST656W
Panasonic NNST657
Panasonic NNST657S
Panasonic NNST657W
Panasonic NNST659
Panasonic NNST659W
Panasonic NNST666
Panasonic NNST666W
Panasonic NNST667
Panasonic NNST667W
Panasonic NNST669
Panasonic NNST669W
Panasonic NNST676
Panasonic NNST677
Panasonic NNST677M
Panasonic NNST679
Panasonic NNST679M
Panasonic NNST680S
Panasonic NNT583
Panasonic NNT583SF
Panasonic NNT584

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