Miele Vacuum Cleaner Charcoal Exhaust Air Filter - Active SF-AA50 - Active Air Clean 50

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Part codes: PM09616110 09616110 PM7226150 7226150 Airclean 50

The Miele charcoal filter SF-AA50 is the genuine filter for Miele vacuums series S4000/S5000/S6000 including Miele Cat & Dog vacuum cleaners. The Miele charcoal filter SF-AA50 is designed with special active charcoal layers that filter out unpleasant odours and smells from your vacuum cleaner. This makes it perfect for use in households that have pets, smokers, or just want to ensure clean air whilst vacuuming.

  • • Contents: 1 filter
    • Suitable for: S4xxx, S5xxx, S6xxx and S8xxx models.
    • With active charcoal: Ideal for households with pets or smokers
    • Safely seals in the dust
    • With timestrip® filter replacement indicator
    • To maintain appliance performance, change the filter once a year


Miele S4210
Miele S4211
Miele S4221
Miele S4280
Miele S4281
Miele S4510
Miele S4511
Miele S4560
Miele S4580
Miele S4581
Miele S4660
Miele S4711
Miele S4781
Miele S5000
Miele S5181
Miele S5210
Miele S5211
Miele S5212
Miele S5260
Miele S5261
Miele S5280
Miele S5281
Miele S5310
Miele S5360
Miele S5361
Miele S5380
Miele S5510
Miele S5630
Miele S5781
Miele S5980
Miele S8210
Miele S8310
Miele S8320
Miele S8330
Miele Complete C3 Cat&Dog PowerLine SGEA0

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