4 x Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags 4 Pack + Filter GN HyClean 3D 09917730 ORIGINAL

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ORIGINAL MIELE 4 Boxes of GN HyClean genuine Miele bags with motor and exhaust filters.

Part codes: 09917730

• Multiple layers of random-spun fibres - 9 filtration layers, nearly double of the average aftermarket alternatives. A benefit of buying the original Miele bags.
• Airflow guides & 3D dustbag technology - longer service life
• Self-closing trap to ensure optimum filtration and continuous suction
• Clean bag replacement thanks to automatic bag shutter
• Maximum efficiency when vacuuming at low power level

Contents: 4 dustbags, 1 motor filter and 1 Super AirClean filter 

Suitable for Miele vacuum cleaner models: 
Classic C1, Complete C2 and C3, S8xxx, S5xxx, S2xxx, S8xx, S6xx and S4xx

At last you can breathe easily

The Miele AirClean filter system, consisting of a genuine Miele dustbag, motor protection filter and AirClean exhaust filter, ensures maximum hygiene. The amount of fine dust in room air is significantly reduced: The interaction of all the components guarantees the filtration of more than 99.9% of the fine dust. 
The discharged air is actually cleaner than normal room air with a HEPA AirClean filter.

Perfect fit of bag and appliance

Thanks to the lock-and-key principle no dust is missed by ORIGINAL Miele dustbags.

For hygienic replacement of the dustbag

The bag closes automatically when the appliance is opened to prevent dust from escaping when the bag is being replaced.
(Fine) dust remains locked in securely
Thanks to several filter layers (fine) dust that has been vacuumed up cannot escape into the room air.
Miele Classic C1, Complete C2 and C3
Miele S400
Miele S401i
Miele S402i
Miele S408i
Miele S412i
Miele S420i
Miele S424i
Miele S426i
Miele S434i
Miele S438i
Miele S440i
Miele S448i
Miele S456i
Miele S456i-2
Miele S5000
Miele S5111
Miele S5121
Miele S5210
Miele S5211
Miele S5212
Miele S5260
Miele S5261
Miele S5280
Miele S5311
Miele S5360
Miele S5361
Miele S5380
Miele S5481
Miele S5510
Miele S5781
Miele S5980
Miele S600
Miele S612
Miele S6210
Miele S624
Miele S626
Miele S634
Miele S636
Miele S638
Miele S644
Miele S646
Miele S648
Miele S658
Miele S812
Miele S8210
Miele S826
Miele S828
Miele S8310
Miele S8320
Miele S834
Miele S836
Miele S838
Miele S844
Miele S846
Miele S848
Miele S849
Miele S858

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