Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Turbo Head Floor Tool - 2193839301

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Part codes: 2193839301 2193839012 2193839038 2193839046 2193839053 2193839111 2193839152 2193839160 2193839269

2193839301 is designed for removing debris in the form of animal hair, hair, threads, dirt. It is powered by a roller made of chemical fiber, which is rotated by the flow of incoming air. The roller removes debris from the coatings, sending it to the container. The effectiveness of such cleaning increases significantly, which is well felt by allergy sufferers. As a result, your home is freed from dust and debris, and the space is saturated with freshness and cleanliness!
  • Autonomous, equipped with a drive connected to the network.
  • It has a special clamp and fits perfectly with oval pipes.
  • Compatible with a variety of native dry cleaning machines.
  • Genuine Electrolux vacuum cleaner turbo head floor tool
  • Powered turbo head


  • 1 x Turbo head floor tool


Electrolux ZU4103DEL
Electrolux Ultra Active ZUA3860P
Electrolux Ultra Active ZUA3861P
Electrolux Ultra Captic ZUC4103DEL
Electrolux Ultra One Z8871P
Electrolux Ultra One Z90
Electrolux Ultra One ZUO9925P
Electrolux Ultra Performer ZUP3862P

ZUA3860P ZUA3861P ZUC4103DEL Z8871P Z90 ZUP3862P

Electrolux AEL8870 910286923 Electrolux AEL8870 910286940
Electrolux AUA3860 903151336 Electrolux UOPOWER 900273808
Electrolux Z8870 910286912 Electrolux Z8870C 910286976
Electrolux Z8871 910286932 Electrolux Z8871 910286933
Electrolux Z8871 910286996 Electrolux Z8871P 910286927
Electrolux Z90 910286954 Electrolux ZUA3860 903151308
Electrolux ZUA3860 903151322 Electrolux ZUA3860 903151330
Electrolux ZUA3860 903151394 Electrolux ZUA3860 903151399
Electrolux ZUA3860P 903151324 Electrolux ZUA3861P 903151355
Electrolux ZUA3862P 903152209 Electrolux ZUC4103DEL 903152110
Electrolux ZUO9925P 900273825 Electrolux ZUO9926 900273826
Electrolux ZUOPOWER 900273848 Electrolux ZUP3860C 903151367
Electrolux ZUP3860C 903151391 Electrolux ZUP3860CA 903151368
Electrolux ZUP3862P 903152213 Electrolux ZUS3990 903151404

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