Trusted by over 100+ service companies, electrical wholesalers, suppliers and servicemen. Here is a bit more information about Steve's Appliance Spares. 

Hi, my name is Steven Watson - I'm the owner and operator of Steve's Appliance Spares. I currently work for Terrace End Used Appliances and operate Steve's Appliance Spares during any spare time.

First and foremost, welcome, thank you for visiting my website. Every purchase you make supports New Zealand manufacturing and sourcing more high quality components. came to fruition after seeking genuine high quality parts to only find them hard to access for realistic prices or hard to find in general, with lack of parts cross referencing, compatibility lists, clear pictures etc. Now, I'm here today offering the best prices on the best brands for elements, controls, pumps and more, ensuring customers can find what they're looking for at a satisfactory price.

This is a small operation at the moment, but with your help I hope to supply a wider range of clientele and in turn, offer more affordable solutions to everyone. 

Safety and quality ALWAYS come first. All parts have appropriate safety certification where required and certified to standards such as AS/NZS 3000, AS/NZS 3100, EN60252 and EN60335.1. I source genuine originals first, high quality alternatives second. You will often see the VDE mark on most parts, as they are certified by internationally recognized VDE German Institute facilities. A large majority of the parts I sell are manufactured in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, so you know you're getting the best.

We use the best shipping options thanks to CourierPost, offering fast shipping for everyone!

For more information, don't hesitate to contact.