Bosch Tumble Dryer P2 In-Built Safety Motor Run-Start Capacitor 8.5 Microfarad 8.5µF - 00610150

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Part codes: 00610150 Replacement of 00600152 00605424 00600152, 00605424, 1999284, 600152, 605424, 610150, AH3477500, EA3477500, PS3477500

Capacitor-metal paperMOTOR CAPACITOR 8,5µF

This is not the only capacitor used on Bosch dryers, if you're unsure email me at

To match, the capacitance of your capacitor is written on it, if it has 8.5 or 8,5 this will suit.

P2 Safety in-built safety design, one of the more robust capacitors on the market.

Do not replace these with a cheaper version, the original design is a P2 so stick with a P2 capacitor.


Logixx ActiveAir

Various Bosch dryer models

WTV74100AU WTW86560AU/06, WTW86560AU/10, WTW86560AU, WTV74100AU

WTW86561AU/06 WTW86561AU/12 WTW86561AU/15 WTW86561AU/16


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