Simpson Westinghouse Electrolux Washing Machine Triple Coil Inlet Valve - 0136200091

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Part codes: 0136200091

Triple Inlet valve for some Simpson Westinghouse and Electrolux washers. Typically Water Aid and SWT series models as below.


LT819SA*00 LT819SA*00
LT959SA*00 LT959SA*00
LT809SA*00 LT809SA*00
LT955SA*00 LT955SA*00
LT955SA*01 LT955SA*01
LT809SA*01 LT809SA*01
EWT806SB 91304103900
LT819SA*01 LT819SA*01
EWT806SA 91304100500
EWT806SA*00 913001242
LT758SA*01 LT758SA*01
LT908SA*01 LT908SA*01
EWT959SA 91304100600
EWT959SA*00 913001243
LT908SA*03 LT908SA*03
LT955SA*02 LT955SA*02
SWT1012A 91304112700
SWT1012A 91304112701
SWT8542A 91304112800
SWT8542A 91304112801
SWT1042A 91304116900

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