Electrolux Simpson Westinghouse Dishlex Dishwasher Upper Roller Bracket Assembly - 0238477064K

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Part codes: 0238477064K 0238400064 0238400057



52B970WD*00 52B970WD*00
52B971WD*00 52B971WD*00
SB920WH*01 SB920WH*01
SB921WH*01 SB921WH*01
SB922SH*01 SB922SH*01
52B850SJ*00 52B850SJ*00
52B850WJ*00 52B850WJ*00
SB907SJ*00 SB907SJ*00
SB907WJ*00 SB907WJ*00
SB907SJ*02 SB907SJ*02
SB907WJ*02 SB907WJ*02
SB907SJ*03 SB907SJ*03
SB907WJ*03 SB907WJ*03
52B850SH 52B850SH
52B850WH*01 52B850WH*01
52B950WH*01 52B950WH*01
52B980SH 52B980SH
52B980WH*01 52B980WH*01
SB907WJ*09 SB907WJ*09
SB907SJ*10 SB907SJ*10
SB907WJ*10 SB907WJ*10
52B855SH*00 52B855SH*00
52B985SH*00 52B985SH*00
SB930SH*00 SB930SH*00
SB931SH*00 SB931SH*00
SB932SH*00 SB932SH*00
SB907SJ*07 SB907SJ*07
SB907WJ*07 SB907WJ*07
SB907SJ*08 SB907SJ*08
SB907WJ*08 SB907WJ*08
52B850WJ*05 52B850WJ*05
52B850SJ*07 52B850SJ*07
52B850WJ*07 52B850WJ*07
SB907WJ*01 SB907WJ*01
52B850SJ*01 52B850SJ*01
52B850WJ*01 52B850WJ*01
52B850SJ*02 52B850SJ*02
52B850WJ*02 52B850WJ*02
SB907SJ*01 SB907SJ*01
SB920WH*00 SB920WH*00
SB920SH*00 SB920SH*00
SB921WH*00 SB921WH*00
SB921KH*00 SB921KH*00
SB921SH*00 SB921SH*00
52B870SJ*00 52B870SJ*00
SB905WH*01 SB905WH*01

52B850SH 52B850SH
52B850WH*04 52B850WH*04
52B855SH*04 52B855SH*04
52B950WH*04 52B950WH*04
52B980WH*04 52B980WH*04
52B985SH*04 52B985SH*04

SB907SJ*04 SB907SJ*04
SB907WJ*04 SB907WJ*04
SB907WJ*01 SB907WJ*01
SB907SJ*01 SB907SJ*01
52B870SJ*06 52B870SJ*06
52B870WJ*06 52B870WJ*06
52B870SJ*07 52B870SJ*07
52B870WJ*07 52B870WJ*07
52B870SJ*01 52B870SJ*01
52B870WJ*01 52B870WJ*01
SB907SJ*05 SB907SJ*05
SB907WJ*05 SB907WJ*05
DX102SJ*02 DX102SJ*02
DX102WJ*02 DX102WJ*02
52B870SJ*02 52B870SJ*02
52B870SJ*02 52B870SJ*02
52B870WJ*02 52B870WJ*02
DX102SJ*00 DX102SJ*00
DX102WJ*00 DX102WJ*00
52B870SJ*04 52B870SJ*04
52B870WJ*04 52B870WJ*04
52B870SJ*03 52B870SJ*03
52B870WJ*03 52B870WJ*03
52B870SJ*05 52B870SJ*05
52B870WJ*05 52B870WJ*05
52B870WJ*08 52B870WJ*08
52B870SJ*08 52B870SJ*08
DX102SJ*01 DX102SJ*01
DX102WJ*01 DX102WJ*01
SB907SJ*09 SB907SJ*09
52B870WJ*00 52B870WJ*00

SB905WH*01 52B870SJ*00 SB921SH*00 SB921KH*00 SB921WH*00 SB920SH*00 SB920WH*00 SB907SJ*01 SB907WJ*01 52B850WJ*02 52B850SJ*02 52B850WJ*01 52B850SJ*01 52B850WJ*05 52B850WJ*07 52B850SJ*07 SB907WJ*08 SB907SJ*08 SB907WJ*07 SB907SJ*07 SB932SH*00 SB931SH*00 SB930SH*00 52B985SH*00 52B855SH*00 SB907WJ*10 SB907SJ*10 SB907WJ*09 52B980WH*01 52B980SH 52B950WH*01 52B850WH*01 52B850SH SB907WJ*03 SB907SJ*03 SB907WJ*02 SB907SJ*02 SB907WJ*00 SB907SJ*00 52B850WJ*00 52B850SJ*00 SB922SH*01 SB921WH*01 SB921SH SB921KH SB920WH*01 SB920SH 52B970WD*00 52B971WD*00

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