12570030 Omega Oven Fan Forced 2300W Triple Loop Element 12570031

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Part codes: 12570030, 12570031

2300W, 230V, 3 loop. Some versions may come with an additional earth connection, some installers would prefer to use this for extra safety. It is completely optional if there is no earth on the original element.


00651XB OO971XA, OO887XA, OO910XA, OO887XN OO971XA, OO971XN,OO761XN, OO884XA, OO884XN, OO651XN,OO652XB, OO887XA OO910XA, OO912XN, OO971XA, OO971XN, OA60W, OA40W, OA66X, OO761XA, OO455XA, OA20W, OA20X, OA25W, OA202W, OA202X, OA252X, OA402X, OA402W, OA602X, OO655XA, OO67CXA, OO67SXA, OO610XA, OO651WA, OO651XB, OO652XB, OO671XA, OO673XA, OO674XA, 00887XA, 

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