Beko Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve Assembly - 2005680400

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Original Manufacturer Part, ENEC Certified

Part code: 2005680400



WMB81641LC, WMB651441 L and others.

Beko Washing Machine

WMB-61243 PTE ALM B1 J12 B10MLC TS 7114142500, WMB 61443 PTE ALM B1 J14 B10MLC TS 7113842200, WMB B1 J16 B10MLC2 61643PTE-ALM 7155941100, WMB B1 M12 7KGB10MLCTS 71243PTE-ALM 7128642200, WMB 71443 PTA-ALM B1 M14 7KG B10MLC TS 7140142400, WMB 71443 PTEB ALM PS XM14 7KG B10MLC TS 7111541200, WMB 71443 PTEBLUE-ALM M XM14 B10MLC TS 7109341200, WMB 71443 PTED ALM B1 M14 B10MLC CS 7141541100, WMB 71443 Kurt ALM BR XM14 B10MLC TS 7109441100, WMB B1 M14 7KGB10MLCTS 71443PTE-ALM 7140141700, WMB 71443PTECC-ALM CP XM14 B10MLCTS 7147841100, WMB 71443PTECT-ALM CK XM14 B10MLCTS 7148041100, WMB 71443PTENC-ALM NC XM14 B10MLCTS 7147941100, WMB 716431PTE-ALM B1 XM16 B10MLC TS 7178982000, WMB 71643PTE-ALM B1 M16 7KG B10MLC TS 7178981300, WMB 91442 LE-ALM B1 XL14 9KG B10MLCBL TS 7110842000, WMI 71443PTE-ALM B1 M14 ANKAMLC TS 7178482000

Blomberg Washing Machine

WMI 7442W20Grp-ALMB1 M14 7KGANKAMLCT 7178481100, BCF 7422WE30-ALMB1XM127KGAB09MLCTS 7173982100, WNF 7426-ALM B1 M 7KG AB09MLC 1200 TS TP A + 7173981200, BCF 7426GreenPlus-ALM B1 M12 7KG AB09MLC TS 7173981500, WNF 74421 GR of 30-ALM B1 XM14 7KG AB09MLC 7171883200, BCF 7442WE30-ALM B1 XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171882800, BCF 74461RC-ALM BR XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7118641100, BCF 74461S-ALM G5 XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7129841200, BCF 74461ZC-ALM PS XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7139041200, WNF 7446-ALM B1XM7KGAB09MLC1400TSTPA + 7171881300, BCF 7446EcoLine-ALM B1 M14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171881700, BCF 7446GreenPlus-ALM B1 M14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171881800, BCF 7462WE30-ALM B1 XM16 7KG AB09MLC TS 7172282300, WNF 7466-ALM B1 M 7KG AB09MLC 1600 TS TP A + 7172281100, BCF 7466GreenPlus-ALM B1 M16 7KG AB09MLC 7172281600, WNF 8427 A ALM B1 XL 8KG AB09 MLCBLD 1200 TS TA + 7174981200, BCF 8427AE30-ALMB1XL128KGAB09MLCBLTS 7174981700, BCF 8428A-ALM B1 XL 7KG 1200 TS AB09MLCBLD TA 7174981100, WNF 8447 S ALM G0 XL 8KG AB09 MLCBLD 1400 TS TA 7176181100, BCF 8447A50Gree-ALM B1 XL14 8KG AB09MLCBLD TS 7174182100, BCF 8447A-ALM B1 XL 8KG AB09 MLCBLD 1400 TS T 7174181400, BCF 8447AE30-ALMB1XL148KGAB09MLCBLTS 7174182400, BCF 8447AE40-ALMB1XL148KGAB09MLCBLTS 7174182500, BCF 8447SE-ALMG0XL814KGAB09MLCBLTS 7176181300, BCF 8448A-ALM B1 XL 8KG 1400 TS AB09MLCBLD TP 7174181200

Grundig Washing Machine

GWM 47261W20-ALM B1 XM12 7KG AB09MLC TS 7173981900, GWM 4726 mounted ALM B1 M12 7KGAB09MLCTS 7173981400, GWM 4726W20-ALM B1 M12 7KGAB09MLCTS 7173981800, GWM 474614Y-ALM B1 XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171882600, GWM 47461W20-ALM B1 XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171882400, GWM 4746-ALM B1 M14 7KGAB09MLCTS 7171881600, GWM 4746RC20-ALMBRXM147KGAB09MLCTS 7118341100, GWM 4746W20-ALM B1 M14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7171882100, GWM 4746Z20-ALM PS XM14 7KG AB09MLC TS 7139041100, GWM 47661W20-ALM B1 XM16 7KG AB09MLC TS 7172282100, GWM 4766-ALM B1 M16 7KG AB09MLC TS 7172281500, GWM 4766W20-ALM B1 M16 7KG AB09MLC TS 7172281800, GWM 4827 AE30 ALM B1 XL12 8KG AB09MLCBL TS 7174982000, GWM 4827A50-ALM B1 XL12 8KG AB09MLCBL TS 7174981600, GWM 4827A-ALMB1XL12 8KGAB09MLCBLDTS 7174981400, GWM 4847 AE 30-ALM B1 XL14 8KG AB09MLCBL TS 7174183300, GWM 4847A50-ALM B1 XL14 8KG AB09MLCBLD TS 7174182000, GWM 4847A-ALM B1 XL14 8KG AB09MLCBLDTS 7174181600


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