433761 448032 Bosch Washing Machine Shock Absorber (1 shock)

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Bosch Original Manufacturer 

Shock Absorbers need replacing when machine vibrates excessively, can also contribute to knocking / slapping noises against the cabinet.

Part codes: 448032, 00448032, 00366108, 366108, 00172688, 172688, 00361126, 361126, 00369895, 369895, 00481932, 481932, 00433761, 433761,188222, 

1 shock absorber supplied, you may need more than one.

 WAE18060AU/01,  WAE18060AU/04, WAE18060AU/05,  WAE18060AU/09,  WAE18060AU/11, WFL2400AU/30, WFR2830AU/13,
WAE20060AU-WAE20060AU/01WAE20060AU-WAE20060AU/05WAE20060AU-WAE20060AU/09WAE20060AU-WAE20060AU/11, WAE20260AU-WAE20260AU/01WAE20260AU-WAE20260AU/06WAE20260AU-WAE20260AU/09WAE20260AU-WAE20260AU/11, WAE20261AU-WAE20261AU/01, WAE20262AU-WAE20262AU/01WAE20262AU-WAE20262AU/29, WAE22462AU/24, WAE22462AU,

WFL2260UK/04, WFO2460AU/14

Suits most WAE models.

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