5513296041 DeLonghi EcoDecalk Coffee Espresso Machine Descaler 500mL Descaler

5513296041 DeLonghi EcoDecalk Coffee Espresso Machine Descaler 500mL

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BEST VALUE PACK - 16.9 fluid ounces (500ml), enough descaler for five descaling operations.

Used regularly, the De'Longhi EcoDecalk machine descaler liquid significantly reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown from scale build-up, increases the energy efficiency, and improves the flavor and crema. Our ecological descaler made with lactic acid and is suitable for all espresso/coffee machines. The liquid is easter and quicker to use than coffee machine descaling tablets, and will keep your machine running smoothly so you can always enjoy your favorite beverages.


This is the upgrade version of Delonghi Descaler SER-3018, it's 100% eco-friendly and more powerful.

It is suitable for all coffee machine and espresso machines.
The 500ml pack is enough for 4 decalcifications.

EcoDecalk is the new ecological Descaler by De'Longhi. Its formula is 100% environmentally friendly but also powerful against limescale in coffee machines

Product Features
Eco Decalk is environmentally friendly because:

The decalcifying contains only natural and high quality raw materials of plant origin (lactic acid), which are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment.

The packaging is made of recycled and environmentally friendly materials.

The bottle is made of 50% recycled plastic, and the label on the box and the paper used is FSC-zertfiziert.

The material used for the plastic and paper packaging is 100% recyclable.

EcoDecalk is powerful because:

Laboratory tests prove that he dissolves calcium deposits up to three times more effective and faster than traditional water softener. It is therefore ideal for the restoration of optimal hygiene conditions of coffee machines.

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