Fisher & Paykel Oven Fan Motor Assembly Type 7100R - 573300P

Sale price$69.99 + Freight and GST


Part codes: Type 7100 7100R, 573300P, 572063, 572923, 573243, 573300, 

Genuine Fisher & Paykel Replacement Part for FPRA61 OR61 and some OB60 series. 

Universal Fan Motor Assembly, suits other brands also.

Note: You may need to remove the mounting plate that is screwed onto the fan motor to fit to some models.

Made in Europe. 

Oven Motor Shaft 11.5mm 
30W 220-240V, 50/60HZ 

Usual retail price is $88.83 + shipping. 

Suits models: 
Thyme Tamarind Saffron Pepper Oregano 
FPRA6102 Series Fan Function ovens 
OR61 Series Fan Function ovens 

BI453MDP - 80079-B, BI453E - 80152-B, BI453QASP - 80308-B, BI453DP - 80318-B, BI602ED - 87836, BI602R - 80148-C, BI602C - 80149-C - 80150-C, BI603MDE - 80080-B, BI603MDE1.5 - 80081-B, BI603MDE2 - 80082-B, BI603MDX - 80090-B, BI603QASE - 80141-B, BI603ED - 80142-B - 80143-B, BI603E - 80144-B - 80145-B, BI603CTE - 80146-B - 80147-B, BI603HN - 80151-B, BI603XC - 80154-B, BI603X - 80157-B - 80158-B, BI603X, BI603QASX - 80309-B, BI603QASE1.5 - 80310-B, BI603QASE2 - 80311-B, BI603DX - 80313-B, BI603DE - 80314-B, BI603DE1.5 - 80315-B, BI603DE2 - 80316-B, BI603MDE - 80345-B, BI603CE - 80366-B, BI603CE - 80367-B, OR61S2CE - 85262-A, OR61S4CE - 85261-A, OR61S8CE - 85260-A

WO600E, WO570AD, FP544MAW, WO570TD, WOW0579A, WO570E, WO570T, WO570TC, WO570X, WO570XD, WO570ED, 

BI602MASE, BI602MASE1.5, BI60MASE2, BI60MASX, BI602XC, BI452ASP, BI602ASE, BI602ASX, BI602ASE1.5, BI602ASE2, BI602ED, BI452E, BI603MASE, BI603MASE1.5, BI603MASE2, BI453MDP, BI603MDE, BI603MDE, BI603MDE2, BI603MASE, BI603MDX, BI453QASP, BI603QASE, BI603QASX, BO6-3QASE1.5, BI603QASE2, DI1203DG, BI602H, BI602E, BI602CTE, BI602X, BI602ED, RA6102B, RA6102AW, RA6102MAW, RA6102MEWC, RA6102MEWS, RA6102MEDS, RA6102MEW, BI602C, BI602E, BI602CTE, BI602ED, BI452A, BI602A, BI602E, BI602CTE, BI602X, BI602XC, BI602ED, BI452QASP, BI60WQAA, BI602MAA, BI602QAE, BI602MAE, BI602QASE, BI602MASE, BI602QASX, BI602MASX, BI602QASE1.5, BI602QASE2, DI1202QG, RA6102AW, RA6102B, RA6102MEWC, RA6102MEWS, RA6102MEDS, RA6102MEW, RA6102AWC, RA6102BC, RAY102MAWS, BI452MDP, BI602MDE, BI602MDE1.5, BI602MDE2, BI602MDX, BI603MASE1.5, BI603MASE2, BI453MDP, BI603MDE, BI603MDE1.5, BI603MDE2, BI60MASX, BI603MDX, BI453QASP, BI603QASE, BI603QASX, BI603QASE1.5, BI603QASE2, BI603ED, BI603A, BI603E, BI603CTE, BI602R, BI602C, BI452R, BI453E, BO6-3XC, BO6-3CE, BO6-3X, BO453RE, BO603H, BI603DE, BI453DP, BI603MASE, BI603MASE1.5, BI603MASE2, BI603MASX, BI453QASP, BI603QASE, BI603QASX, BI603QASE1.5, BI603QASE2, RA6103AQ, RA6103B, RA6103MAW, RA6103MEWC, RA6103MEWS, RA6103MEDS, RA6103MEW, RA6103AQC, RA6103BC, RA6103MAWS, OR61S2CAWSW1, OR61S2CAWW1, OR612S2CBW1, OR61S4CAWW1, OR61S8CEWW1, PR61S9CEWSW1, PR61S2CEWW2, OR61S4CEWW2, OR612S4CEWW2, OR61S8CEWSW2, BI602C, BI603E, BI603CTE, BI603ED, BI603X, OR61S8CEWSW3, OR61S4CEWW3, OR61S8CEWW2, OR61S2CEWW3,
661TW, 662XD, 663TWS, 664XDS, M6106ADR, M6106AWR, M6106ADS, M6106AWS, M6106EWS, M6106EDS, M6106EDR, M6106EWR, 651MAW, 652AD, 653AWS, 654ADS, 655EW, 656ED, 657EWS, 658EDS, 6106TR, 6106WAR, 640H, 641WA, 643MWA,

If you're unsure please ask - these may not fit ALL models of those series - but it is very likely as it fits approx. 50+ models by Fisher & Paykel

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