680405 478300 Bosch Door Seal Gasket

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Replacement part for Bosch washing machine

Part codes: 478300, 680405

Bosch Washing Machine 

WAS24466GB/01, WAS28466GB/03, WAS28466GB/10, WAS32466GB/08, WAS24466GB/03, WAS28466GB/04, WAS28466GB/14, WAS32466GB/09, WAS24466GB/04, WAS28466GB/05, WAS32466GB/01, WAS32466GB/10, WAS24466GB/05, WAS28466GB/07, WAS32466GB/03, WAS32466GB/14, WAS24466GB/11, WAS28466GB/08, WAS32466GB/05, WAS32466GB/17, WAS28466GB/01

Siemens Washing Machine

WM14E162GB/01, WM14S392GB/16, WM14S79BGB/06, WM16S392GB/16, WM14S383GB/16, WM14S493GB/01, WM14S79BGB/08, WM16S493GB/01, WM14S392GB/05, WM14S493GB/03, WM14S79BGB/10, WM16S493GB/03, WM14S392GB/08, WM14S493GB/07, WM16S392GB/05, WM16S493GB/05, WM14S392GB/09, WM14S493GB/08, WM16S392GB/08, WM16S794GB/01, WM14S392GB/10, WM14S493GB/09, WM16S392GB/09, WM16S794GB/06, WM14S392GB/12, WM14S794GB/01, WM16S392GB/10, WM16S794GB/10, WM14S392GB/14, WM14S794GB/03


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