7887923 Miele Washing Machine Door Seal Gasket 06602922 06602923 6602923

Sale price$125.00 + Freight and GST


High Quality Compatible Replacement Part

Part codes: 7887923 06602922, 06602923, 07887920, 07887921, 07887922 6602923

Usually $183 + GST


Most W1000 - W6000 models

W1611 W1779
W1612 W1780
W1613 W1901
W1614 W1902
W1615 W1904
W1616 W1906
W1622 W1908
W1623 W1909
W1634 W1912
W1662 W1913
W1664 W1914
W1712 W1916
W1713 W1934
W1714 W1935
W1715 W1944
W1716 W1945
W1723 W1946
W1724 W1948
W1726 W1949
W1730 W1954
W1733 W1960
W1734 W1964
W1735 W1966
W1740 W1978
W1743 W1979
W1744 W1989
W1747 W1994
W1749 W4144
W1753 W4154
W1754 W4164
W1756 W6544
W1762 W6546
W1764 W6564
W1774 W6574

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