811730387 Smeg Oven Multifunction Function Selector Switch ORIGINAL

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811730387 ORIGINAL

Part codes: 811730387 replaces 8011730261, 41.48923.010 811730261, 811730387, 811730221, 811730221

This part requires the knowledge of a serviceman, as a technical bulletin has been released for the superseded version. Document: FRN-SB2003-01-New commutator oven_70_90


S20XMF.1, S20XMF-5, S20XMF-7, S20XMFR.1, S995XRD5, SA20XMFR, SA22XMF, SA22XMF-5, SA22XMF-7, SA704X, SA706EB.1, SA706X.1, SA706X-5, SA707X, SA707X-7, SA708X, SA708X-5, SA708X-6, SA708X-7, SA995XR-5, SA995XR-7, SA996XR-7, SCA708X, SE20XMFR1, SE20XMFR5, SE20XMFR7, SNZ708X




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