816291219 SMEG DIGITAL CLOCK & TIMER DISPLAY Robertshaw Original Control

816291219 SMEG DIGITAL CLOCK & TIMER DISPLAY Robertshaw Original

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Tech Specs: 6 buttons. 230V, 50/60Hz, 1W. 16A, 250V ~ µ T120.

Part codes: 816291219, 816290063, 816290736 816290315, 816290356, 816290870

You will need to ask for technical diagrams to replace. As they use various configurations from old models to new model clocks.

Suits various models from 2005 onwards.

 S106X-6, S390EB, S600EB, SA210X-5, SA280X-5, SA306X, SA398X-5, SA506X, SA708X-5, SA708X-6, SA708X-7, SC061MFX, SC06MFX, SC371MFX, SC378MFN, SC378MFX, SC73MFX, SCA306X, SCA506X, SCA708X, SCDK398X, SDK398X-5, SE210EB-5, SE210NE-5, SE210P-5, SE210X-5, SE215X-5, SE280MF-5, SE280MFB5, SE280X-5, SE376MFX5, SE378MF-5, SE378MFB5, SE378MFX5, SE385MFEB, SE390MFB1, SE398DUO, SE398X-5, SE600MFEB, SE73MFX-5, SP600MFEB, W280X-5, WI390EB, WI600EB, S390, S600, SE385MF, SE390MF, SE390MF1, SE390MFEB, SE600MF, SP600MF, WI390, 01-200105, 02-200105, 05-203105, 06-200105, HS600MF, HS600MFEB, S392, S392EB, S395X, S398X, S650, S650EB, SA392EB, SA392NE, SE500MF, SE500MFEB, SE500XMF, SE600MF1, SE600MFB1, SE650MF, SE650MFEB, SE95, SE95EB, SE95X, SEF64EBP, SEF64NEP, SEF64XP, SIL390EB, SIL600EB, SIL600NE, WI392, WI392EB, WI395X, WI398X, WI650, WI650EB, OA102W, SA390EB, SA390NE, SA395X, SA600/1, SA600EB/1, SP500XMF, 01-200105, 01-200205, 02-200105, 02-200205, 05-203105, 06-200105, AP420X, APF5X, APF6B, APF6B/1, APF6N, APF6N/1, EBB7143.3, EBB7143X, EBH7143.1, EBH7143.2, EBH7143.3, EBH7143.4, EBH7143B, EBH7143W, EBH7143X, EHC7900EC, EHC815BIS, EHC815EC, EHC815EC1, EHH650, ENH7170, H985B, H985X, HS600MF, HS600MFEB, ISO600, ISO600/1, KE280X, NUR280X, S392, S392EB, S395X, S398X, S650, S650EB, SA210P, SA210X/1, SA280X, SA280X/1, SA375EB, SA375X, SA392EB, SA392EB/1, SA392NE, SA392NE/1, SA398X/1, SA420EB, SA420X, SA420X/1, SA650EB1, SA650NE1, SA708X, SA708X-5, SDK500XM1, SDK500XMF, SE105EB, SE105EB/1, SE105NE, SE105NE/1, SE105X, SE105X/1, SE106EB, SE106EB/1, SE106NE, SE106NE/1, SE106X, SE106X/1, SE108EB, SE108EB/1, SE108NE, SE108NE/1, SE108X, SE108X-1, SE210AZ, SE210AZ/1, SE210B, SE210B/1, SE210EB, SE210EB/1, SE210MFXK, SE210MXK1, SE210NE, SE210NE/1, SE210P, SE210VA, SE210VA/1, SE210VS, SE210VS/1, SE210X, SE210X/1, SE280MF, SE280MF1, SE280MFB, SE280MFB1, SE280X, SE286X, SE290X, SE365MF, SE365MF/1, SE365MFB1, SE365MFEB, SE365MFX, SE375MEB1, SE375MF, SE375MF/1, SE37, SNZ708X, sc578x-8, sa306x-8, 

 AP378MFX, AP578X-8, APF5X, APF6B, APF6B-1, APF6N, APF6N-1, DOSC34N, DOSC34X, DOSC54X, DOSF44X, DOSF634X, HS600MF, HS600MFEB, MSH578X, S106X-5, S106X-6, S390EB, S392, S392EB, S395X, S398X, S600EB, S650, S650EB, SA210P, SA210X-1, SA210X-5, SA280X, SA280X-1, SA280X-5, SA306X, SA306X-8, SA308X-8, SA375EB, SA375X, SA375X-1, SA375X-5, SA392EB, SA392EB-1, SA392EB-5, SA392NE, SA392NE-1, SA398X-1, SA398X-5, SA420EB, SA420EB-5, SA420X, SA420X-1, SA420X-5, SA506X, SA578X-8, SA578X-9, SA579X, SA650EB1, SA650NE1, SA708X, SA708X-5, SA708X-6, SA708X-7, SAC578X, SC0578X-8, SC061MFX, SC061X-8, SC06MFX, SC361X, SC371MFX, SC371X-8, SC372X-8, SC378MFN, SC378MFX, SC379MFX, SC385X, SC578N-8, SC578X-8, SC73MFX, SC74MFX, SCA306X, SCA506X, SCA706X, SCA708X, SCDK398X, SDK398X-5, SDK500XM1, SDK500XMF, SE105EB, SE105EB-1, SE105NE, SE105NE-1, SE105X, SE105X-1, SE106EB, SE106EB-1, SE106NE, SE106NE-1, SE106X, SE106X-1, SE106X-5, SE108EB, SE108EB-1, SE108NE, SE108NE-1, SE108X, SE108X-1, SE108X-5, SE210AZ, SE210AZ-1, SE210AZ-5, SE210B (SE210B), SE210B/1 (SE210B), SE210B-1, SE210EB, SE210EB-1, SE210EB-5, SE210MXK1, SE210NE, SE210NE-1, SE210NE-5, SE210P (SE210P), SE210P-5 (SE210P), SE210P-5, SE210VA, SE210VA-1, SE210VA-5, SE210VS, SE210VS-1, SE210X (SE210X), SE210X/1 (SE210X), SE210X-5 (SE210X), SE210XK (SE210X), SE210XK/1 (SE210X), SE210XK-5 (SE210X), SE210XT-5 (SE210X), SE210X-1, SE210X-5, SE210XK-5, SE210XT-5, SE215X-5, SE280MF, SE280MF1, SE280MF-5, SE280MFB, SE280MFB1, SE280MFB5, SE280X, SE280X-5 (SE280X-5), SE286X, SE286X-5, SE290X, SE290X-5, SE365MF (SE365MF), SE365MF-1, SE365MF-5, SE365MFB1, SE365MFB5, SE365MFEB, SE365MFX, SE365MFX5, SE366MF-5, SE366MFB5, SE366MFX5, SE367MFX5, SE375MEB1, SE375MEB5, SE375MF, SE375MF-1, SE375MF-5, SE375MFB, SE375MFB1, SE375MFEB, SE375MFG, SE375MFG1, SE375MFX, SE375MFX5, SE376MFX5, SE378MF-5, SE378MFB5, SE378MFX5, SE385MF, SE385MF-1, SE385MFB1, SE385MFEB, SE387MFX5, SE390MFB1, SE392MF, SE392MF-1, SE392MF-5, SE392MFB1, SE392MFB5, SE392MFEB, SE398DUO, SE398X, SE398X-1, SE398x-5 (SE398X-5), SE500MF, SE500MFEB, SE500XMF, SE600MF1, SE600MFB1, SE600MFEB, SE650MF, SE650MF1, SE650MFB1, SE650MFEB, SE708EB, SE708NE, SE708X, SE72MFX-5, SE73MFX-5, SE95, SE95EB, SE95X, SE96, SE96-1, SE96EB, SE96EB-1, SE96MB, SE96MB-1, SE96X, SE96X-1, SF371X, SF372X, SF478N, SF478X, SFA578X, SFA579X, SFT470X, SFT570X, SNZ708X, SP600MFEB, W280X, W280X-5, W290X, W378X, WE392, WE392-5, WE392EB, WE398X, WE398X-5, WI210EB, WI210NE, WI210X, WI390EB, WI392, WI392EB, WI395X, WI398X, WI600EB, WI650, WI650EB, WI708EB, WI708NE, WI708X

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