816810298 Smeg Selector Switch Potentiometer Multifunction Control ORIGINAL

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Part codes: 816810298

Left and Right side selectors can be used for either side.

Selector Function Switch Mini-PCB Control Potentiometer


BO6360P, CLPI460N, KT-810PX, S45MA, S45MCA, S45MCX, S45MCX1, S45MCX2, S45MFA, S45MFX, S45MFX2, S45MX, S45MX2, S45MXK, S45VA, S45VX, S45VX2, S45VXK, SA109-8, SA109M-8, SA112-8, SA45MCX2, SA45MX2, SA45VX2, SAC106B, SAC106N, SAC106S, SAP109-8, SAP109-9, SAP109M-8, SAP112-8, SAP112N-8, SC106-2, SC106-8, SC106, SC106A2, SC106AL-8, SC106AL2, SC106ALU, SC106B-8, SC106CT, SC106CT2, SC106CTB, SC106CTB2, SC106CTN, SC106CTN2, SC106CTS, SC106CTS2, SC106EB, SC106EB2, SC106GT, SC106GT2, SC106N-8, SC106NE, SC106NE2, SC106PZ-8, SC106PZ, SC106PZ2, SC106SG-8, SC106SG, SC106SG2, SC106T, SC107N-8, SC107SG-8, SC109-2, SC109-8, SC109-8C, SC109N-8, SC109NE2, SC109SG-8, SC109SG2, SC110, SC110GT, SC110PZ, SC110SG, SC110SGT, SC112-2, SC112-8, SC112-8C, SC112, SC112B-8, SC112EB, SC112EB2, SC112GT, SC112GT2, SC112N-8, SC112NE, SC112NE2, SC112PZ-8, SC112PZ, SC112PZ2, SC112SG-8, SC112SG, SC112SG2, SC112SGT, SC112SGT2, SC112T-8, SC45M, SC45M2, SC45MC, SC45MC1, SC45MC2, SC45MCNE2, SC45MCSG, SC45MCSG1, SC45MF, SC45MF2, SC45MFNE2, SC45MFSG, SC45MK, SC45MNE2, SC45MSG, SC45VK, SC712U, SC845MA, SC845MAO, SC845MP, SC845MPO, SCA110, SCA112-2, SCA112XP, SCA112XP2, SCA45M2, SCA45MC2, SCA45V2, SCA712-2, SCA712-3, SCA712N, SCP107AL, SCP107AL2, SCP108-2, SCP108-8, SCP108, SCP108AL8, SCP108B-8, SCP108EB, SCP108EB2, SCP108N-8, SCP108NE, SCP108NE2, SCP108R-8, SCP108RB8, SCP108RN8, SCP108RS8, SCP108SG, SCP108SG2, SCP108SG8, SCP109-2, SCP109-8, SCP109B-8, SCP109N-8, SCP109SG8, SCP111-1, SCP111-2, SCP111, SCP111BU2, SCP111EB2, SCP111NE1, SCP111NE2, SCP111NU2, SCP111PZ, SCP111SG, SCP111SG1, SCP111SG2, SCP111SU2, SCP111U2, SCP112-2, SCP112-8, SCP112, SCP112B-8, SCP112EB, SCP112EB2, SCP112N-8, SCP112NE, SCP112NE2, SCP112PZ, SCP112PZ2, SCP112PZ8, SCP112SG, SCP112SG2, SCP112SG8, SCP113-8, SCP113N-8, SCP113SG8, SCP12-8, SCT105-8, SCT105-9, SCT105N-9, SCT105N8, SCT105SG8, SCT105SG9, SCT109-8, SCT109B-8, SCT109N-8, SCT109SG8, SF106, SF106B, SF106N, SF106PZ, SF106T, SF109, SF109N, SF109S, SF112U, SF122, SF122B, SF122N, SF122PZ, SF122TN, SF130, SF130B, SF130N, SF4109M, SF4115M, SF4120M, SF4120MB, SF4120MC, SF4120MCB, SF4120MCN, SF4120MN, SF4125MC, SFA125, SFA130, SFA130N, SFP105, SFP105N, SFP106B-1, SFP106B, SFP106S-1, SFP106S, SFP109, SFP109B, SFP109N, SFP109S, SFP110N, SFP111, SFP111B, SFP111N, SFP120-1, SFP120, SFP120B-1, SFP120B, SFP120N-1, SFP120N, SFP120PZ, SFP120S-1, SFP120S, SFP125-1, SFP125, SFP125N-1, SFP125N, SFP125PZ-1, SFP125PZ, SFP125S-1, SFP125S, SFP130-1, SFP130, SFP130B-1, SFP130B, SFP130N-1, SFP130N, SFP130S-1, SFP130S, SFP4120, SFP4125, SFPA125, SFPA130, SFPA130B, SFPA130N, SFT105, SFT105B, SFT105N, SFT105S,

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