948650117 Smeg Oven Gas Cooktop 850mm Thermocouple

Sale price$48.52 + Freight and GST


Part codes: 948650117 948650091, SMG948650117, 5031688249547, 948650102, 948650103

850mm thermocouple replaces some 650mm codes as above.


72MFX5, A1-2, A1-2SE, A1-5, A11A-5, A11X-5, A11X, A11XLP, A1A-2, A1A-5, A1AD-2, A1AD-5, A1D-2, A1D-2SE, A1D-5, A1DSE-5, A1K-5, A1P-2, A1P-5, A1SE-5, A1VA-2, A1VG-2, A2-2, A2-5, A21X-5, A2A-2, A2A-5, A2D-5, A3-2, A3-5, A3, A3A-2, A3A-5, A3A, A3D-5, A3D, A3SX, A41, A41A, A41D-5, A41D, A42-2, A42-5, A42, A42A-2, A42A-5, A42A, A42B, A42D-2, A42D-5, A42D, A42G, AP91CKDW1, APC61BVG, APC61XVG, B72MFX5, BI91AJ, BI91WJ, BI91XJ, CA61VM, CB51VEY, CB51VGY, CB51VMY, CB61VEY, CB61VGMA, CB61VGY, CB61VJME, CB61VMS, CB61VMY, CB81VEY, CB81VGTY, CB81VGY, CB91VGMA, CB91VGY, CB91VJME, CB92VMY, CS120-5, CS120, CS120BE-5, CS120NL-5, CS120NL, CS120NLA5, CS18A-2, CS18A-5, CS18ABE-5, CS18NLA-5, CS18NLA2, CS18V-2, CS18V-5, CS19-2, CS19-2ES, CS19-5, CS19A-2, CS19A-5, CS19BE-5, CS19BE, CS19ES-5, CS19NL-5, CS19NL2, CS19NLA-5, CS19NLA2, CS19NLP-5, CS19NLSE, CS19NLSE5, CS19P-2, CS19P-5, CS20-5, CS20FB-2, CS20FB-5, CS20NL-5, CS20NLA-5, CS71-5, CS71, CS71BE-5, CS71BE, CS71NL-5, CS71NL, CS72NL-5, CS72NL, CS72NL2, CX51VE, CX51VG, CX51VM, CX61EVX, CX61MLPZ5, CX61MSPZ5, CX61VE, CX61VG, CX61VGL, CX61VGMA, CX61VGMA1, CX61VJME, CX61VM-5, CX61VM, CX61VML-5, CX61VML, CX61VMLS, CX61VMLS5, CX61VMN-5, CX61VMN, CX61VMPZ5, CX61VMS-5, CX61VMS, CX81VE, CX81VG, CX81VGT, CX81VM, CX81VMT-5, CX81VMT, CX81VMTT5, CX91VG, CX91VGMA, CX91VGMA1, CX91VJME, CX91VM-5, CX91VM, CX92VM, CX93VG, CXL61VM-5, CXL61VM, CXL81VMT, CXL91VM, HB96CSS-1, HB96CSS-3, HB96CXU3, HB96GXBE3, JGB92XD1W, JGB95XD1S, JGFC34SKB, KITPIASTR, NL91SPVG, PDX12RUSB, PDX12RUSP, PDX30P, PDX30R-1, PDX30R, PDX30S-1, PDX30S, PDX6RS, PDX9RUS, PLD18-1, PLD18, PLD21-1, PLD21, PLD21AC-1, PLD21AC, PLD24-1, PLD24, PLDA21AC, PLDA24, PLS18-1, PLS18, PLS21-1, PLS21, PLS21AC-1, PLS21AC, PLS24-1, PLS24, PS9R-1, PS9R-3, PS9R, PV128-1, PV96-1, PV96-3, PVA96-1, PVD96-1, PVD96-3, SA81VG, SA81VGMA, SA93VJME, SB81VGY, SB81VJME, SB91VGMA, SB91VGY, SB91VJME, SB93VGY, SB93VGYMA, SCB60GB, SCB60GX, SCB60MFB, SCB60MFB5, SCB60MFX, SCB60MFX5, SCB61GX, SCB61MFX, SCB61MFX5, SCB90GX, SCB90MFX, SCB90MFX5, SCB91GX, SCB91MFX, SCB91MFX5, SCD60MFX, SCD60MFX5, SCD61MFX, SCD61MFX5, SCD61XPZ5, SCD80MFX, SCD80MFX5, SCD81MFX, SCD81MFX5, SCD91MFX, SCD91MFX5, SCD93MFX, SCD93MFX5, SCE60GX, SCE60MFX, SCE60MFX5, SCE61GX, SCE61MFX, SCE61MFX5, SCE80GX, SCE80MFX, SCE80MFX5, SCE90GX, SCE90MFX, SCE90MFX5, SCE91GX, SCE91MFX, SCE91MFX5, SIL61VM, SIL61VML, SIL63VML, SNL61GX, SNL61MFX, SNL61MFX5, SNL81GX, SNL81MFX, SNL81MFX5, SNL91GX, SNL91MFX, SNL91MFX5, SNL96XG-1, SNL96XG-3, SNLD21AC, SNLD24, SNLS21AC, SNLS24, SNZ61MFX, SNZ61MFX1, SNZ91MFA, SNZ91MFX, SP106VGL, SP106VJM, SP106VLME, SP106VML, SP206VGL, SP206VML, SP71VGL, SP71VML, SP91VGL, SP91VML-5, SP91VML, SUK61MFA, SUK61MFA5, SUK61MFWH, SUK61MFX, SUK61MFX5, SUK61XPZ5, SUK62MFA, SUK62MFA5, SUK62MFWH, SUK62MFX, SUK62MFX5, SUK62MWH5, SUK81MFA, SUK81MFA5, SUK81MFX, SUK81MFX5, SUK91MFA, SUK91MFA5, SUK91MFX, SUK91MFX5, SUK92MFX, SUK92MFX5, SX81VG, SX81VGMA, SX81VJM, SX81VJME, SX81VM-5, SX81VM, SX91VG, SX91VGL, SX91VGMA, SX91VJ, SX91VJB, SX91VJM, SX91VJME, SX91VLME, SX91VML-5, SX91VML, SX91VMS-5, SX92VJME, SX93VG, SX93VGMA, SX93VJME, SX93VMD, SXL81VM-5, SXL91VM-5, VA61XVG, VA91XVG, W50BVE, W50BVG, W50XVE, W50XVG, W61BVE, W61BVG, W61BVM, W61XVE, W61XVG, W61XVM, W81CBVG, W81CXVG, W81SBVG, W81SXVG, W81XVMT, W91CBVG, W91CXVG, W91CXVM, W91SBVG, W91SXVG, WIL61BVM

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