99165 Simpson 1U 2U Series Element Connector Block 75291 ORIGINAL

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Part codes: 99165, 75061, 75063,  NZ75061, NZ75063, NZ99127, 

Connector block for element, needs replacing if element fork ends are black in colour or the block has been damaged from excessive heat or boil overs.


2 x Long wire leads

1 x Connector Block


2u600, 2u601, 2u603, 2u603, 2u604, 2u605, 2u606, 2u607, 2u608, 2u609,

1U601w, 1U602w, 1U603w, 1U604w, 1U605w, 1U606w, 1U607w, 1U608w, 2U501w, 2U502w, 2U600w, 2U601w, 2U602w, 2U603w, 2U604w, 2U605w, 2U606w, 2U607w, 2U608w, 2U609w

Atlas, Simpson (upright ovens) 2U Series; 1U502, 1U603, 1U604, 1U605, 1U606, 1U607 1U608
9PA, 9PM, 9HM, 9PET, 9PCST, 9PAT, 9GCST, 9HAT, 9WO600

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