AXW412-7SR0 Panasonic Front Loader Washing Machine Main Drive Belt ORIGINAL

Sale price$30.39 + Freight and GST


Part codes: AXW412-7SR0

Main Belt, usually needs replacing when slipping off, can sometimes cause metallic noises - best to inspect pulley disk as well. We have those listed as AXW502-7SR0. Both are usually in stock ready for dispatch.

1155mm Length


Panasonic NA-140VG3
Panasonic NA-140VG4
Panasonic NA-140VX3
Panasonic NA-140VS4
Panasonic NA-148VS4 
Panasonic NA-148VX3
Panasonic NA-148VG3
Panasonic NA-148VG4
Panasonic NA-168VG3

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