AXW8C-7SR0 Panasonic Front Loader Washing Machine Drain Pump AXW8R-7FH0

Sale price$34.77 + Freight and GST


The original Panasonic pump is usually a Hanyu or Leili model pump made in China, usually $99+GST. The pump I offer is a Made in Italy replacement, using a Bosch pump motor. Very high quality option better than original, much more affordable and fits exactly the same. 

Some assemblies are $135-168+GST, you don't need to replace the housings if only the pump motor is not working.

Genuine Askoll VDE Certified Pump Motor, Made in Italy replacement

 Codes: AXW8C-7SR0, bpx2-8, AXW8C-7SR0, AXW8C7SR0, BPX2-7, BPX2-8 BPX2-7 BPX2-111, bpx2-31l, 131221 AXW8R-7FH0 BPX2-15L bpx2 94l 35w bpx2-94l 35w


NA-148VX3, NA-140VG3, NA-168VG3, NA-148VG3, NA140VG3. NA168VG3, NA148VG3, NA-140VX3, NA140VX3IPX, 128VA2, NA-128VA2WGB, NA-147VB2, NA-148VA2, NA-148VA2WDE, NA-148VA2WGB, NA-148VA2WTA, NA-14VA1, NA-168VG2, NA-168VG2WDE, NA-168VG2WEE, NA-168VX2, NA-168VX2WDE, NA-168VX2WEE, NA-168VX2WES, NA-168VX2WFR, NA-168VX2WGB, NA-16VG1, NA-16VX1, NA-16VX1WGB, NA128VA2, NA147VB2, NA148VA2, NA14VA1, NA168VG2, NA168VX2, NA16VG1, NA16VX1 and more.

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