Bosch Washing Machine Door Lock - 610147 Original

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Bosch Washing Machine Door Interlock / Door Lock 

610147 Original Bosch Washing Machine Door LockORIGINAL

Part code: 610147 

Common symptoms of faulty door lock: 
Door not closing, door not locking 

Error fault codes with E01, F08, F16, F34, E61 Error codes vary on different models 

Suits WAE Models: (and many more) 

WAE20060AU09, WAE22462AU24, WAE24463AU12, WAE22464AU25, WAE24462AU24, WAE22462AU01, WAE20060AU11, WAE24463AU25, WAE24463AU27, WAE22464AU26, WAE22463AU01, WAE24462AU01, WAE24270AU09, WAE26470AU09, WAE26470AU09, WAE24461AU01, WAE22461AU01, WAE26470AU11, WAE24460AU14, WAE24463AU01, WAE22464AU01, WAE24462AU29, WAE22464AU27, WAE24460AU09, WAE24460AU13, WAE24460AU11, WAE22463AU24, WAE24272AU29, WAE24270AU11, WAE24271AU01, WAE20260AU09, WAE20261AU01, WAE24270AU06, WAE22460AU11, WAE20262AU29, WAE18060AU09, WAE24272AU01, WAE18061AU01, WAE22462AU29, WAE22460AU13, WAE20262AU01, WAE26470AU13, WAE18061AU21, WAE20260AU11, WAE22460AU09, WAE20261AU, WAE18060AU11


 Alt: 00610147, 3610147, 003610147 Suits: Bosch WAE24460AU /14, WAE20260AU, WAA12161BC/11, WAE18060AU, WAE22460AU/13, WAE20060AU09 WAE22462AU24 WAE24463AU12 WAE22464AU25 WAE24462AU24 WAE22462AU01 WAE20060AU11 WAE24463AU25 WAE24463AU27 WAE22464AU26 WAE22463AU01 WAE24462AU01 WAE24270AU09 WAE26470AU09 WAE26470AU09 WAE24461AU01 WAE22461AU01 WAE26470AU11 WAE24460AU14 WAE24463AU01 WAE22464AU01 WAE24462AU29 WAE22464AU27 WAE24460AU09 WAE24460AU13 WAE24460AU11 WAE22463AU24 WAE24272AU29 WAE24270AU11 WAE24271AU01 WAE20260AU09 WAE20261AU01 WAE24270AU06 WAE22460AU11 WAE20262AU29 WAE18060AU09 WAE24272AU01 WAE18061AU01 WAE22462AU29 WAE22460AU13 WAE20262AU01 WAE26470AU13 WAE18061AU21 WAE20260AU11 WAE22460AU09 WAE20261AU WAE18060AU11

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