C00009416 Universal Two Hose into One Hose Connector for Washing Machine Inlet Hoses

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Part code C00009416 00009416

Doesn't include a washer for tap end, but we can throw one in for you, just remind us when ordering :)

May come in white or black finish.


Washing Machine 2-1 Tap Y-Adaptor,
inlet hose Double Adaptor,
Y adaptor washing machine, 

Allows two standard 1/2" washing machine or dishwasher hoses to be connected to one tap.

Useful for joining hot & cold hoses together onto the cold tap so that all cycles are still available using only cold water. Also useful for connecting more than one washing machine to the one tap.
C009416 Inlet Hose Double Adaptor, Double adaptor fits all inlet hoses on dishwashers and washing machines.

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