DA32-10105X Samsung Fridge Freezer Freezer Compartment Defrost Sensor

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Part codes: DA32-10105X

Defrost Temperature Sensor, senses the temperature of the evaporator so when it defrosts, it finishes a defrost at the correct temperature, can also be used for other functions. Can be the cause of temperature issues or ice build up if not working correctly.



RB29FSRNDSS SA(Version 0000) RB29FSRNDWW SA(Version 0000)
RF62TBBP1 XSA(Version 0000) RF62TBPN1 XSA(Version 0000)
RF62TBSW1 XSA(Version 0000) RF62WBBP1 XSA(Version 0000)
RF62WBPN2 XSA(Version 0000) RF62WBSW1 XSA(Version 0000)
RF67DEPN1 XSA(Version 0000) RFG23DERS1 XSA(Version 0000)
RFG23DERS1 XSA(Version 0001) RFG23DESL1 XSA(Version 0000)
RFG23DESL1 XSA(Version 0001) RFG23DESL1 XSA(Version 0002)
RFG23DESL1 XSA(Version 0003) RL62SBPN1 XSA(Version 0000)
RL62SBSW1 XSA(Version 0000)



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