Delonghi Coffee Machine LEFT COVER - 5332153900

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OUT OF STOCK, BACK ORDER AVAILABLE – Email for ETA if not in description (not leadtime). Please don't back order if not aware of ETA or not wanting to wait. This happens to items when demand overruns supply, pre-ordering will ensure you get the earliest stock to arrive.


Leadtime: 5-10 days


0132154004 EC 700 INT DE'LONGHI
0132154005 EC 710 INT DE'LONGHI
0132154009 EC 710 INT DE'LONGHI
0132157001 EC 730 INT DE'LONGHI
0132154013 EC700 EX:C INT DE'LONGHI
0132154014 EC710 EX:C INT DE'LONGHI
0132154006 EC 700 AU, NZ DE'LONGHI
0132157000 EC 730 ILLY GB DE'LONGHI
0132154008 EC 701 ILLY US DE'LONGHI
0132154010 EC 710 GB DE'LONGHI
0132154011 EC 701 US, MX DE'LONGHI
0132154012 EC 710 ILLY GB DE'LONGHI
0132154015 EC710 EX:C ILLY GB DE'LONGHI
0132154017 EC702 CA, US DE'LONGHI
0132154019 EC700 EX:C (220V) BR DE'LONGHI
0132154018 EC700(120V) BR DE'LONGHI
0132156005 EC 750 INT DE'LONGHI
0132156009 EC 750 (EX.C) INT DE'LONGHI
0132156006 EC 750 AU, NZ DE'LONGHI
0132156008 EC 750 CH DE'LONGHI
0132156007 EC 750 TW DE'LONGHI
0132156011 EC 750 (EX.C) AU, NZ DE'LONGHI
0132156010 EC 750 (EX.C) CH DE'LONGHI
0132156012 EC750 CN DE'LONGHI
0132156013 EC750 EX:C GB DE'LONGHI

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