Electrolux AEG Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Bags 4 Pack - E201S - Classic Long Performance S-Bag Vacuum Bags

Electrolux AEG Vacuum Cleaner Vacuum Bags 4 Pack - E201S - Classic Long Performance S-Bag

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Part codes: E201S

    This pack of Electrolux vacuum cleaner bags is for some Electrolux Airmax, Bolido, Clario and more vacuum cleaners. Supplied without box to reduce cost to you. Reuse your old box & save heaps.

    • Genuine Electrolux vacuum cleaner dust bags
    • Microtech fabric bag
    • Renew suction performance
    • Removes odours


    • 4 x Vacuum dust bags

    The Microtech vacuum cleaner bag catches dust particles and debris for convenient disposal.

    It is not recommended to reuse vacuum cleaner bags as this can place extra strain on the motor and can lead to motor failure.


    AEG AE4620
    AEG AE4622
    AEG AE4640
    AEG AET7740
    AEG AET7750
    AEG AET7760
    AEG AET7765
    AEG AET7770
    Electrolux Z6200
    Electrolux Z6201
    Electrolux Z882
    Electrolux ZCS2000
    Electrolux ZEG6500
    Electrolux ZPF2300T
    Electrolux ZPF2320TP
    Electrolux Airmax ZAM6103
    Electrolux Airmax ZAM6104
    Electrolux Airmax ZAM6230
    Electrolux Airmax ZAM6280
    Electrolux Bolido Z4500
    Electrolux Bolido Z4510
    Electrolux Bolido Z4520
    Electrolux Bolido Z4520T
    Electrolux Bolido Z4525
    Electrolux Bolido Z4535
    Electrolux Bolido Z4538
    Electrolux Bolido Z4590
    Electrolux Bolido Z4595
    Electrolux Clario Z1900
    Electrolux Clario Z1910
    Electrolux Clario Z1912
    Electrolux Clario Z19125
    Electrolux Clario Z1915
    Electrolux Clario Z1915M
    Electrolux Clario Z1930
    Electrolux Clario Z1931
    Electrolux Clario Z1935
    Electrolux Clario Z1940
    Electrolux Clario Z1942
    Electrolux Clario Z1943
    Electrolux Clario Z1943M
    Electrolux Clario Z1944
    Electrolux Clario Z1945
    Electrolux Clario Z1946
    Electrolux Clario Z1947
    Electrolux Clario Z1948
    Electrolux Clario Z1948M
    Electrolux Clario Z1955
    Electrolux Clario Z1955M
    Electrolux Clario Z1995
    Electrolux Clario Z2000
    Electrolux Clario Z2010
    Electrolux Clario Z2015
    Electrolux Clario Z2018
    Electrolux Clario Z2020
    Electrolux Clario Z2022
    Electrolux Clario Z2025
    Electrolux Clario Z2030
    Electrolux Clario Z2035
    Electrolux Clario Z2036
    Electrolux Clario Z2038
    Electrolux Clario Z2039
    Electrolux Clario Z2040
    Electrolux Clario Z2045
    Electrolux Clario Z2048
    Electrolux Clario Z2050
    Electrolux Clario Z2060
    Electrolux Clario Z2095
    Electrolux Ergospace ZE2243
    Electrolux Ergospace ZE2244
    Electrolux Ergospace ZEG300
    Electrolux Excellio Z5030
    Electrolux Excellio Z5040
    Electrolux Excellio Z5045
    Electrolux Excellio Z5048
    Electrolux Excellio Z5228
    Electrolux Excellio Z5240
    Electrolux Excellio Z5245
    Electrolux Ingenio Z2530
    Electrolux Jetmaxx ZJM6840
    Electrolux Jetmaxx ZJM6850
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5515
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5525
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5530
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5533
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5540
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5560
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5561
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5621
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5632
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5635
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5650
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5915
    Electrolux Oxygen Z5942
    Electrolux Oxygen Plus Z7351
    Electrolux Ultra One Z8830PT
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3328
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3347
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3357
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3365
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3372
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3385
    Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3901
    Philips City Line FC8400
    Philips City Line FC8402
    Philips City Line FC8404
    Philips City Line FC8406
    Philips City Line FC8408
    Philips City Line FC8410
    Philips City Line FC8412
    Philips City Line FC8421
    Philips City Line FC8422
    Philips City Line FC8424
    Philips City Line FC8425
    Philips City Line FC8426
    Philips City Line FC8428
    Philips City Line FC8429
    Philips City Line FC8430
    Philips City Line FC8432
    Philips City Line FC8433
    Philips City Line FC8434
    Philips City Line FC8436
    Philips City Line FC8436B
    Philips City Line FC8437
    Philips City Line FC8438
    Philips City Line FC8439

    ZUSG4061 900273620
    ZUSG3901 903151472
    ZUS4065PET 900273631
    ZUS4065OR 900273624
    ZUS3950P 903151474
    ZUS3940P 903151425
    ZSP2320 90094049100
    ZSP2310 90094049000
    ZPFG2300 90027439700
    ZPF2320TP 900274365
    ZPF2310T 900274386
    ZPF2300T 900274385



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