Electrolux AEG Washing Machine Solenoid Inlet Water Valve - 8581325188473

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New replacement inlet water valve for some Electrolux washing machines. This spare part features an in-built flowmeter water sensor and three way solenoid valves used on some NZ washing machines.


EWW14013, EWW7024FDWA / EWW8023AEWA / EWW12932 / EWW14012 / EWW14113 / EWW12753 / EWW12853 / EWW14023, EWW7524ADWA, EWW1042ADWA, EWW9043ADWA, EWW12753, EWW12832, EWW14912, L77695NWD L77695WD L77696NWD L7WBE69S L7WBL962E L7WBR962E L7WE86605 L7WE96ES L7WEC166R L7WEE861R L7WEE961 L7WEE961R L7WEE965R L7WEE96S L87695DWD L87695NWD L87695NWDP L87695WD L87695WD2 L87695WDP L87696WD L87699NWD L8WBC61S L8WBC61SC L8WBC61SP L8WBM163C L8WE06CS L8WE86605 L8WEC06S L8WEC166R L8WEC166X L8WED164C L8WS86609 LB3470WT LB3690WT LWX8C1612W QW16850HT QW16851HT RWW1683HFW RWW1686HDW RWW1697MDW WD42A96160 WTGL4E200 WTSL4E200 WTSL4E201 L87695WD L87695NWDP L87695NWD L87695DWD L7WEE96S L7WEE965R L7WEE961R L7WEE961 L7WEE861R L7WEC166R L7WE96ES L7WE86605 L7WBR962E L7WBL962E L7WBE69S L77696NWD L77695WD L77695NWD L77685WD2 L77685WD L77685NWD L77685DWD L76685NWD L75695NWD L75694WD L75694NWD L75480WD EWW51697SWD EWW51696SWD EWW51486HW EWW1698MDW EWW1697SWD EWW1697MDW EWW1697DWD EWW1696SWD EWW1696HDW EWW1688SWG EWW1687SWD EWW1686SWD EWW1686NWD EWW1686HDW EWW1686DWD EWW1487HEW EWW1486HDW EWW1286HDW

Superseded part(s)
4055680138, 132518844, 132518830

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