F06015Q00AP Panasonic Microwave Glass Turntable Plate Tray ORIGINAL

  • $39.00
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Part codes: F06015Q00AP

This glass microwave turntable plate suits larger Panasonic microwaves and has a diameter of 340mm. Genuine Panasonic microwave glass turntable plate.
Diameter 340mm. Tri-wing Coupling.

I recommend that you measure the diameter of your plate before ordering.


Panasonic F03349Y40QP
Panasonic NN-S453
Panasonic NN-S553
Panasonic NN-S553WF
Panasonic NN-SD6915
Panasonic NN-SD691S
Panasonic NN-ST614W
Panasonic NN-ST641
Panasonic NN-ST641W
Panasonic NN-ST651
Panasonic NN-ST651W
Panasonic NN-ST665B
Panasonic NN-ST671
Panasonic NN-ST6715
Panasonic NN-ST671S
Panasonic NN-ST67JS

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