Fisher & Paykel AquaSmart Washing Machine Suspension Rods 4pk Kit ORIGINAL - 424495P

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Part codes: 424495P 421127P

Pack of 4. Only suits Aquasmart models. SUSPA Germany/USA Original Fisher & Paykel packaged part.


WL80T65CW2 FP NZ 92191-A
WL80T65CW1 FP NZ 92114-B
WL80T65DW1 FP NZ 92118-B
WL80T65CW1 FP NZ 92114-A
WL80T65DW1 FP NZ 92118-A
WL80T65CW1 FP NZ 92250-A
WL80T65DW1 FP NZ 92251-A
WL80T65CW1 FP NZ 92220-A
WL80T65CW1 FP NZ 92220-B
WL70T60CW2 FP NZ 92171-A
WL70T60CW1 FP NZ 92130-B
WL70T60DW1 FP NZ 92117-B
WL70T60CW1 FP NZ 92130-A
WL70T60DW1 FP NZ 92117-A
WL70T60CW1 FP NZ 92253-A
WL70T60DW1 FP NZ 92252-A
WL70T60CW1 FP NZ 92221-A
WL70T60DW1 FP NZ 92127-A

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