Fisher & Paykel ELBA Haier Dishwasher Main Chassis Gasket - H0120300248 791011

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Part codes: H0120300248, 791011, 49017775, 673001700056, 49005714, 49006890, 49023629, 673001700078, X672030170015, X672030170013, XGALDW0001346, XHA0120300248

Very common dishwasher gasket used by many brands. Goes up one side, along the top and down the other side. Has been superseded by various types, but the gasket remains the same. Should also replace H0120300248b H0120300248c


DW60CSW1, DW60CSW2, DW60CDW1, DW60CDW2, DW60CDX1, DW60CDX2, DW60CSX1, DW60CSX2, DW12-TFE2SS - 61513-A, DW12-TFE2WH - 61514-A, DW12-TFE4WH - 61520-A, DW12-TFE4SS - 61521-A DW60CCX1 - 80754-A, DW60CCW1 - 80753-A, DW60CDX3 - 85186-A, DW60CEW1 - 80786-A, DW60CEX1 - 80752-A, DW60CHW1 - 80914-A, DW60CHX1 - 80915-A, DW60CHPW1 - 80916-A, DW60CHPX1 - 80917-A, DW60CKW1 - 80918-A, DW60CKX1 - 80919-A, DW60CRX3 - 85184-A, DW60CRW3 - 85183-A  HDW100SST - 61505-A, HDW101SST - 61507-A, HDW101WHT - 61508-A, HDW201SS - 61509-A, HWD201WH - 61515-A HDW12-SFE1SS - 61578-A, HDW12-SFE1WH - 61582-A, HDW12-SFE3WH - 61580-A, HDW12-SFE3SS - 61584-A  WQP12AFM - 61516-A, HDW12-SFE3 SS, HDW12-SFE3 WH, HDW13G1W, HDW100SCT, HDW12-SFE1 WH, HDW12-TFE3 WH, HDW12-SFE1 SS, HDW201WH, HDW13G1X, HDW100SST, HDW12-TFE3 SS, WQP12AFM, DW201SS-BOM, DW60CEX1, DW60CDX2, HDW201SS, DW60CSW1, HDW100WCT, HDW100WHT, HDW300SS, HDW15G3X, DW67S, VFD1SS, ADF6SE1, 8516555, EMD60S, DW67SW, LDW3SS, 

Will fit on some brands Model number listed above

Door gasket used in Fisher & Paykel DW60CCX1, DW60CEX1, DW60CSW1, DW60CSW2, DW60CDW1, DW60CDW2, DW60CDX1, DW60CDX2, DW60CSX1, DW60CSX2 dishwashers manufactured by Haier.

Also fits some Haier models including seal gasket HDW100SST, HDW12-SFE1 WH, HDW201WH, HDW13G1X, HDW100SCT, HDW12-SFE3 SS, DW12-TFE4 WH, HDW12-SFE1 SS, DW12-TFE4 SS, HDW13G1W, HDW12-TFE3 SS, HDW12-SFE3 WH, HDW12-TFE3 WH, WQP12AFM, DW201SS-BOM, HDW201SS, HDW100WCT, HDW100WHT, HDW300SS, HDW15G3W, HDW15G3X,

Tuscany Dishwasher Door Gasket Seal TD60-12B

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