Fisher & Paykel Fridge Freezer Thermostat K59-6827 replaces K59-6027

Sale price$29.73 + Freight and GST


Genuine / Original Fisher & Paykel Spare Part P7014 K59-A6827 

Fits Fisher & Paykel Softline series fridge-freezers. 

Fits models such as N369B, C369B, C395B, N411T, C390T, N325T, C335T, N369B, N375T, C380B, C390T, N395B, N400H, N405T, C410B, C415H, C420T 

Doesn't fit models starting with E or RF (refers to electronic design & RF is ELBA design which is electronic aswell). 

Two Cabinet Refrigerator Thermostat 
COLD IN 5.7 Celsius 
COLD OUT -30.5 Celsius 
WARM IN 5.7 Celsius 
WARM OUT -14.7 Celsius 
600mm capillary

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