Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Lid Lock Assembly - PRE-2005 - 420429

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Part codes: 420429

This is the lid lock assembly for SD11 and SD12 / Phase 6 Fisher & Paykel top loader smartdrive washing machines. This particular unit includes an out of balance switch and wiring, which only suits these series / models. Newer models no longer have an out of balance switch. These are typically models PRE-2005, POST-2002.

The machine will not be locking the lid when this is faulty. If you're unsure, contact your local repairer, parts can't be returned because they don't fix the issue.


Definitely in MW511 GW611 GW711 IW811 IW711

Sometimes in MW512, GW512, GW612, GW712 for these please check.

GW712 92189-B
IW512 92189-B
IW812 92192-B
GW512 92184-A
GW612 92185-A
GW712 92189-A
IW512 92189-A
IW712 92190-A
IW812 92192-A
MW512 92182-A
MW511 GW511 GW611 GW711 IW811 PH6

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