Genuine Whirlpool Electrolux AEG Carbon Motor Brushes 481931088529

Sale price$49.99 + Freight and GST


Part Codes: 028595, 151614, 196549, 481931088529, 49018683, 50265479001, 51X9118, 92126721

Right, clockwise. Terminal 4.8 mm, dimensions: 5x13.5x35mm

Genuine Original Whirlpool

1 Pair, 2pcs.


AWG012, AWG032/WP, AWG092, AWG271, AWG280/7, AWG280/7/1 - WH, AWG280/7/1BR, AWG280/7/1WH, AWG280/7/1-WH, AWG280/7WH/WP, AWG280/8AL/WP, AWG280/8BR, AWG2807, AWG28071BR, AWG28071WH, AWG2807WHWP, AWG2808ALWP, AWG2808BR, AWG284, AWG284PW, AWG285, AWG285PW, AWG286, AWG286/WP, AWG295, AWG295/PW, AWG350, AWG350/12, AWG350/12WH/WP, AWG350/7/01, AWG350/7/01/WP, AWG35012, AWG35012WHWP, AWG350701, AWG350701WP, AWG384, AWG547PW, AWG561PW, AWG562PW, AWG564PW, AWG565/PW, AWG565PW, AWG565WP, AWG566PW, AWG567WP, AWG571/PW, AWG571PW, AWG571WP, AWG581PW, AWG582PW, AWG583, AWG583WP, AWG584PW, AWG584WP, AWG591PW, AWG592PW, AWG593, AWG593PW, AWG593WP, AWG594PW, AWG594WP, AWG611/WP, AWG611PHWP, AWG613, AWG613WP, AWG663L887, AWG671 - L997, AWG671L997, AWG678/WP, AWG680WP, AWG680WP - PL/RU, AWG681WP, AWG682/WP, AWG686, AWG689/PW, AWG690, AWG690/WP, AWG690WP, AWG691/WP, AWG691WP, AWG692/WP, AWG694/WP, AWG696/PH, AWG696PH, AWG696PHWP, AWG696WP, AWG698/WP, AWG698WP, AWG711, AWG719, AWG719/10, AWG719/WP, AWG71910, AWG719WP, AWG727, AWG727/10, AWG727/9, AWG727/WP, AWG72710, AWG7279, AWG727WP, AWG729, AWG729/10, AWG729/9, AWG72910, AWG7299, AWG739, AWG739/1, AWG739/10, AWG739/12, AWG7391, AWG73910, AWG73912, AWG740/7/1WH, AWG740/7/1WP, AWG740/7WH, AWG74071WH, AWG7407WH, AWG745/7/WH, AWG745/8/AV, AWG748, AWG748/3, AWG748/9, AWG7483, AWG7489, AWG761, AWG7610, AWG765/12, AWG765/12WH/WP, AWG765/14/HA, AWG765/7WH, AWG765/8HA, AWG76512, AWG76514HA/WP, AWG7657WH, AWG7658HA, AWG769, AWG769/1, AWG769/10, AWG7691, AWG76910, AWG770, AWG770/7, AWG770/7/01, AWG7707, AWG770701, AWG779/10, AWG779/9, AWG780, AWG783, AWG783/10, AWG783/9, AWG7839, AWG784, AWG784/5, AWG784/8, AWG784/9, AWG7845, AWG7848, AWG7849, AWG785/12AV, AWG78512AV, AWG785AV, AWG789, AWG789/10, AWG789/9, AWG78910, AWG7899, AWG802F - EM1053, AWG802FEM1053, AWG803PW - LE1092, AWG803PWLE1092, AWG804, AWG861, AWG8620, AWG8634, AWG882PWEM802, AWG883, AWG884PW, AWG885PW, AWG892, AWG893PW, AWG894, AWG9638, AWL350/12, AWL35012, AWM1830/WH/WP, AWM1840, AWM1850/WH, AWM1860/WH/WP, AWM1860WH/WP, AWM1866/WH/WP, AWM1866WHWP, AWM1870, AWM2880, AWM820/BR/WP, AWM820/WH/WP, AWM820BRWP, AWM820WHWP, AWM822/AL/WP, AWM822/WH/WP, AWM822ALWP, AWM822WHWP, AWM827, AWM827/WP, AWM827WP, AWM830/AL/WP, AWM830/WH/WP, AWM830ALWP, AWM835/WP, AWM837/WP, AWM837WP, AWM840, AWM840WP, AWM844/WP, AWM844WP, AWM845WH/WP, AWM845WHWP, AWM846/WP, AWM846WP, AWM847/WP, AWM847WP, AWM848WP, AWM850/AL, AWM850/WH, AWM850AL, AWM850AL/WP, AWM850ALWP, AWM850WH, AWM850WH/WP, AWM850WHWP, AWM857/20WP, AWM857/WP, AWM85720WP, AWM857WP, AWM859/WP, AWM859WP, AWM865/WP, AWM865WP, AWM866WH/WP, AWM867/WP, AWM867WP, AWM868WP, AWM870, AWM870/WP, AWM870WP, AWM877WP, AWM880H/WP, AWM890WH/WP, AWM890WHWP, P8612, T1060, W100, W120, W80, W80AL, WA175WS, WA192WS, WA192WS10A, WA1941S, WA196/1S, WA1961S, WA1991S, WAT2130WSF, WAT2240WS, WAT2240WSF, WAT2350WS, WAT2350WSF, WAT2354WS, WAT2356WS, WAT2550WSF, WAT3450WSD

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