Kenwood Blender Plastic Wand for Wizzard Hand Blender w/ Stainless Steel Blade - KW653015

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Part codes: KW653015

This is the blender wand for some Kenwood Wizzard hand blenders. The blender wand attaches to the motor unit and is used to blend soups and sauces in the pan.

  • Genuine Kenwood hand blender blender wand
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Plastic wand assembly
  • Not dish washer safe


                    Kenwood HB605
                    Kenwood Wizzard HB600
                    Kenwood Wizzard HB655

                     KENWOOD HB600
                    KENWOOD HB605
                    KENWOOD HB610
                    KENWOOD HB615
                    KENWOOD HB616
                    KENWOOD HB630
                    KENWOOD HB635
                    KENWOOD HB640
                    KENWOOD HB645
                    KENWOOD HB650
                    KENWOOD HB655
                    KENWOOD HB660
                    KENWOOD HB665
                    0WHB655013 HAND BLENDER 127V BR DE'LONGHI
                    0WHB655014 HAND BLENDER 220V BR DE'LONGHI
                    0WHB600002 HB600 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB605002 HB605 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB610002 HB610 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB615CKD HB615 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB616002 HB616 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB630003 HB630 GB KENWOOD
                    0WHB635002 HB635 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB640002 HB640 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB645002 HB645 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB650002 HB650 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB655002 HAND BLENDER EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB660002 HB660 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB665002 HAND BLENDER HB665 EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB615001 HB615 HANDBLENDER GB KENWOOD
                    0WHB615008 HB615 HANDBLENDER EU KENWOOD
                    0WHB615002 HB615 HANDBLENDER KENWOOD

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