Mitsubishi MR-C405 MR-C375 Fridge Freezer Large Bottom Bottle Door Shelf - KIEP89124

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Part codes: KIEP89124 KIEP80124

Location code 11, located at bottom of main door shelf for all right and left hand Mitsubishi fridge freezers as indicated below.


Mitsubishi Electric MR-C405C-ST-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C375C-W-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C375C-ST-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C375CL-W-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C375CL-ST-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C405C-W-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C405C-ST-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C405CL-W-A
Mitsubishi Electric MR-C405CL-ST-A

MR-C375B, MR-CU375P MR-CU375S MR-C405B, MR-CU375T MR-C375C, MR-C405C, MR-CU375U (includes all L, -W & -ST variations) MR-CU375X MR-C375C-R MR-CU415P, MR-CU415S, MR-CU415T MR-CU415U, MR-CU415X

MR-BF290B, MR-BF325B, MR-BF390B, MR-BF290C, MR-BF325C, MR-BF390C, MR-C375G MR-C405G (includes all L, -W & -ST variations) MR-CU375P, MR-CU375S, MR-CU375T MR-BF390C-OB MR-CU375U, MR-CU375X MR-CU415P, MR-CU415S MR-CU415T MR-CU415U, MR-CU415X MR-BF325EK-A (2020)

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