Panasonic TV Television Remote Control - N2QAYB001008

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Part codes: N2QAYB001008 N2Qayb000926 N2Qayb001013 N2QAYB01133

Genuine Panasonic TV Remote to suit some model TVs, with Netflix button.


Panasonic TH-40CS650Z
Panasonic TH-40DX600U
Panasonic TH-40DX605U
Panasonic TH-49DS630U
Panasonic TH-49DX600U
Panasonic TH-50CS650Z
Panasonic TH-50DS610U
Panasonic TH-50DX700Z
Panasonic TH-55CS650Z
Panasonic TH-55DS610U
Panasonic TH-55DX600U
Panasonic TH-55DX605U
Panasonic TH-55DX640Z
Panasonic TH-58DX740U
Panasonic TH-60CS610A
Panasonic TH-60CS610Z
Panasonic TH-60CX640Z
Panasonic TH-65CX640Z
Panasonic TH-65DS610U
Panasonic TH55-CX640Z
Panasonic TH40CS650Z
Panasonic TH40DX600U
Panasonic TH40DX605U
Panasonic TH49DS630U
Panasonic TH49DX600U
Panasonic TH50CS650Z
Panasonic TH50DS610U
Panasonic TH50DX700Z
Panasonic TH55CS650Z
Panasonic TH55DS610U
Panasonic TH55DX600U
Panasonic TH55DX605U
Panasonic TH55DX640Z
Panasonic TH58DX740U
Panasonic TH60CS610A
Panasonic TH60CS610Z
Panasonic TH60CX640Z
Panasonic TH65CX640Z
Panasonic TH65DS610U
Panasonic TH55CX640Z

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