Rheem Hot Water Cylinder Thermostat - ST1203133 315825

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Model ST1203133


THERMOSTAT EWT 1L2-540 70-350L ST1203133


ECO: 84 DIFF: 8

240V, 30A, T85

Thermostat for the following 70L – 350 Litre Hot Water Cylinders:
for domestic Hot Water Cylinder – only adjustable 60-70deg.

– Rheem Mains Pressure Prewired models 31204515 – 31230015
– Rheem Mains Pressure Prewired Twin Element Non-Simultaneous (day/night rate) models 31218025 – 31225025
– Rheem Mains Pressure Bare Cylinder models 31130000 – 31230000
– Rheem Low Pressure Pre-Wired



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