Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine Door Interlock Lock - DC64-00653A

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Samsung Washing Machine Door Interlock 
Genuine Replacement Part 

Part code: DC64-00653A 

Usual retail price $60 + GST 

Common symptoms of faulty door lock: 
Door not closing, door not locking, DE error 

Suits Models: 

B1045, B1045IW/XSA, B1245, B1245IW/XSA, B1245AV, B1245AVW/XSA, J1043, J1043IW/XSA, J1043IW1/XSA, J1043IW1/YMI, J1045, J1045IW/XSA, J1045IW/YMI, J1045IW1/XSA, J1045AV, J1045AVW/XSA, J1045AVW1/XSA, J1045AVW1/YMI, J1055, J1055IW/XSA, J1055IW1/XSA, J1255, J1255IW/XSA, J1255AV, J1255AVIW/XSA, J1455, J1455IW/XSA, J1455AV, J1455AVIW/XSA, J1455AVIW1/XSA, J1455AVIW1/YMI, J843, J843IW/XSA, J845, J845IW/XSA, J845IW/YMI, J845IW1/XSA, P1003J, P1003JIW/XSA, P1203J, P1203JIW/XSA, P1203JIW/YMI, WF7708N6W/XSA, WF7708N6W1/XSA

WF7708N6W1XSA(Version 0000) WF7708N6WXSA(Version 0000)
B1045IWXSA(Version 0000) B1245AVWXSA(Version 0000)
B1245IWXSA(Version 0000) B813JEW1XSH(Version 0000)
F1045AVGWXEH(Version 0000) J1043IWXSA(Version 0000)
J1045AVW1XSA(Version 0000) J1045AVWXSA(Version 0000)
J1045IW1XSA(Version 0000) J1045IWXSA(Version 0000)
J1055AVIWXSA(Version 0000) J1055IWXSA(Version 0000)
J1255AVIWXSA(Version 0000) J1255IWXSA(Version 0000)
J1455AVIW1XSA(Version 0000) J1455AVIW1YMI(Version 0000)
J1455AVIWXSA(Version 0000) J1455IWXSA(Version 0000)
J843IWXSA(Version 0000) J845IW1XSA(Version 0000)
J845IWXSA(Version 0000) P1003JIWXSA(Version 0000)
P1203JIWXSA(Version 0000) J1043IW1XSA(Version 0000)

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