Samsung Front Loader Washing Machine Door Lever Assembly - DC97-05111A

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Part codes: DC97-05111A

Location: Door lever / hook on your main door that goes into the door lock.


Samsung J1045
Samsung J1455AVIW1/XSA

B1045IW/XSA, B1245IW/XSA, J1045IW/XSA,  J1045IW/YMI,  J1045IW1/XSA,  J1055IW/XSA,  J1055IW1/XSA,  J1255IW/XSA, J1455IW/XSA,  J845IW/XSA,  J845IW/YMI,  J845IW1/XSA,  Q1435GW1/XSA, Q1233GW, Q1435V, B1245AV, B1045, B1245, J1045, J1055, J1255, J1455, J845, Q1435, B1245AG, B1445AV, Q1233GW, Q1435V, B1245AV, B1445V, Q1233GW/XEU, Q1457AV, B1245V, B1445VGW, Q1235V, Q1657AV, B1445AG, B1245AVW/XSA,  J1045AVW/XSA,  J1045AVW1/XSA , J1045AVW1/YMI, J1255AVIW/XSA, J1455AVIW/XSA, J1455AVIW1/XSA, J1455AVIW1/YMI, Q1435VGW1/XET, B1045IW/XSA B1245AVW/XSA B1245IW/XSA J1045AVW/XSA J1045AVW1/XSA J1045AVW1/YMI J1045IW/XSA J1045IW/YMI J1045IW1/XSA J1055IW/XSA J1055IW1/XSA, J1255AVIW/XSA J1255IW/XSA J1455AVIW/XSA J1455AVIW1/XSA J1455AVIW1/YMI J1455IW/XSA J845IW/XSA J845IW/YMI J845IW1/XSA, Q1435GW1/XSA Q1435VGW1/XET WD-J1255CI/XSA WD-J1255CI/YMI WF7700N6W/XSA WF7700N6W1/XSA WF7708N6W/XSA WF7708N6W1/XSA

WD-J1255CIXSA(Version 0000) WD-J1255CIYMI(Version 0000)
WD7602R8WXSC(Version 0000) WF7700N6W1XSA(Version 0000)
WF7700N6WXSA(Version 0000) WF7708N6W1XSA(Version 0000)
WF7708N6WXSA(Version 0000) B1045IWXSA(Version 0000)
B1245AVWXSA(Version 0000) B1245IWXSA(Version 0000)
F1045AVGWXEH(Version 0000) J1045AVW1XSA(Version 0000)
J1045AVWXSA(Version 0000) J1045IW1XSA(Version 0000)
J1045IWXSA(Version 0000) J1055AVIWXSA(Version 0000)
J1055IWXSA(Version 0000) J1255AVIWXSA(Version 0000)
J1255IWXSA(Version 0000) J1455AVIW1XSA(Version 0000)
J1455AVIW1YMI(Version 0000) J1455AVIWXSA(Version 0000)
J1455IWXSA(Version 0000) J845IW1XSA(Version 0000)
J845IWXSA(Version 0000) Q1435GW1XSA(Version 0000)
Q1435VGW1XET(Version 0000)

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