Simpson Westinghouse Contact Block Assembly for 3U and 4U series - NZ99245

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Part codes: NZ99245 0256001129 75061 75063 99245

Will require Connector Block Clip NZ75404 for older 900, 1000, 2000 Series models. Will not suit 1U 2U series Simpson ovens on its own, refer to 99127 and 99165 if your block looks different.


Simpson Colombo
Simpson Mercury
Simpson Neptune
Simpson Apollo
Simpson Jupiter
Simpson Cosmos
Simpson Saturn
Simpson Alpha
Simpson Gemini
Simpson Polaris
Simpson Vega 
Simpson 3U600W
Simpson 3U601W
Simpson 3U602W
Simpson 3U603W
Simpson 3U604W
Simpson 3U605W
Simpson 3U606W
Simpson 3U607W
Simpson 3U608W
Simpson 3U609W
Westinghouse 4U600
Westinghouse 4U601
Westinghouse 4U602
Westinghouse 4U603
Westinghouse 4U604
Westinghouse 4U605
Westinghouse 4U606
Westinghouse 4U608
Westinghouse 4U609
Westinghouse 4U612
Westinghouse 4U613

PAJ804W*02, PAJ804W*03, PAJ804W*04, PAJ804W*05, PAJ804W*07, PAJ805W*02, PAJ805W*03, PAJ805W*04 PAJ805W*05, PAJ805W*07, 3U601W, COLOMBO 3U600W, MERCURY 3U602W, NEPTUNE, 3U603W, SATURN, 3U601HW, COLOMBO 3U601W, 3U601HW, 3U602W, 3U604W, 3U607W, COSMOS, 3U604, WGEMINI, 3U600W, 3U603W, 3U607W, WLE620WA, 940001815 WLE622WA 940001816 PAK804W 4U600W*01 MERCURY 4U600W*01 4U601W*01 COLUMBO 4U601W*01, 4U602W*01 NEPTUNE 4U602W*01 4U603W*01 SATURN 4U603W*01 4U604W*01 GEMINI 4U604W*01 4U600W*39, MERCURY, 4U600W*39 4U601W*39 COLUMBO 4U601W*39 4U602W*39 NEPTUNE 4U602W*39 4U603W*39 SATURN 4U603W*39, 4U603W*40 SATURN 4U603W*40 4U604W*39 GEMINI 4U604W*39, 4U604W*40 GEMINI 4U604W*40 PAK804W*40 4U613W(Saturn) PAK804W*60 PAK804W*39 4U600W*58 MERCURY, 4U600W*58, 4U601W*58, COLUMBO, 4U601W*58 4U601W COLUMBO 4U601W 4U602W, NEPTUNE 4U602W 4U603W SATURN 4U603W 4U604W GEMINI 4U604W PAK804W*01 PAK804W*32, 4U600W*32 MERCURY 4U600W*32 4U601W*32 COLUMBO 4U601W*32 4U602W*32 NEPTUNE 4U602W*32 4U603W*32, SATURN 4U603W*32 4U604W*32 GEMINI 4U604W*32 PAK804W*46 4U600W*60 MERCURY 4U600W*60 4U601W*60, COLUMBO 4U601W*60 4U612W*60 NEPTUNE 4U612W*60 4U613W*60 SATURN 4U613W*60 94000173065 4U612W, NEPTUNE 94000174867 4U613W SATURN 94000174967 WLE625WA 94000181816 62H622W*39 62H682W*39 62H682W*40 WLE625WA 94000181817 WLE624WA, 94000181717, WLE626WA 94000181917 94000181517 94000181617 4U600W*04 MERCURY 4U600W*04 4U601W*04 COLUMBO 4U601W*04 4U602W*04 NEPTUNE 4U602W*04 4U603W*04 SATURN 4U603W*04 4U604W*04, GEMINI, 4U604W*04 4U600W MERCURY 94000170065 94000170165 94000174865 94000174965 4U600W*46, MERCURY, 4U600W*46 4U604W*46 GEMINI 4U604W*46 4U601W*46 COLUMBO 4U601W*46 4U612W*46, NEPTUNE 4U612W*46, 4U613W*46, SATURN, 4U613W*46 62H622W 62H682W 62H622W*32 62H682W*32, 94000181720, 94000181920,

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