Simpson Westinghouse Top Loader Suspension Rods Kit - 807015307K

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Part codes: 807015307K

Rod kit consists of four rods, two front (Yellow, motor side) and two rear (white). The front rods have longer springs and the rear rods have shorter springs


SWT7055LMWA 91304117600 SWT6055TMWA 91304117700 WWT6040 91304117402 SWT6541M 91304116302 WWT554B 91304113302 91304113301 SWT6041 91304116802 SWT6541 91304111302 SWT5541 91304111202 91304117401 91304116301 91304116801 91304111301 91304111201 91304111200 91304111300 91304116300 91304117400 91304113300

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