Simpson Westinghouse Oven Top EHP Hob Element Small 160mm - 0122004589

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Part codes: 0122004589 0122004509 0122004425 0122004401 A10108501

160mm Small Element for 540mm Stoves and other ovens.


POH773W*00 POH773W*00
75C974W*00 75C974W*00

PAK501R*59 PAK501R*59
WLE527WA 94000180325
WLE525WA 94000180225
WLE522WA 94000179925
WLE522WA 94000179923
WLE527WA 94000180323
WLE525WA 94000180223
PAK161B*02 PAK161B*02
PAK501R*03 PAK501R*03
PAK509R*03 PAK509R*03
PAK529B*02 PAK529B*02
PAK140W*32 PAK140W*32
PAK501R*32 PAK501R*32
PAK509R*32 PAK509R*32
PAK140W*35 PAK140W*35
PAK501R*35 PAK501R*35
PAK509R*35 PAK509R*35
PAK140W*52 PAK140W*52
PAK501R*52 PAK501R*52
PAK509R*52 PAK509R*52
PAK140W*53 PAK140W*53
PAK501R*53 PAK501R*53
PAK509R*53 PAK509R*53
PAJ140W*18 PAJ140W*18
PAJ140W*19 PAJ140W*19
PAJ501R*18 PAJ501R*18
PAJ501R*19 PAJ501R*19
PAJ509R*18 PAJ509R*18
PAJ509R*19 PAJ509R*19
EUC5110W*18 EUC5110W*18
EUC5110W*19 EUC5110W*19
EUC5110W*20 EUC5110W*20
EUC5130W*18 EUC5130W*18
EUC5130W*19 EUC5130W*19
EUC5130W*20 EUC5130W*20
EUC5330W*18 EUC5330W*18
EUC5330W*19 EUC5330W*19
EUC5330W*20 EUC5330W*20
61F810W 61F810W
61F890R 61F890R
EBC5201W*53 EBC5201W*53
PAJ140W*27 PAJ140W*27
PAJ501R*27 PAJ501R*27
61D810W*18 61D810W*18
61D810W*19 61D810W*19
PAJ509R*27 PAJ509R*27
61D890R*18 61D890R*18
61D890R*19 61D890R*19
EEC1230W-L*18 EEC1230W-L*18
EEC1230W-L*20 EEC1230W-L*20
EEC1230W-R*18 EEC1230W-R*18
EEC1230W-R*20 EEC1230W-R*20
EBC5201W*41 EBC5201W*41
PAK509R*40 PAK509R*40
PAK518W*40 PAK518W*40
PAK529B*40 PAK529B*40
EBC5201W*32 EBC5201W*32
EBC5201W*59 EBC5201W*59
EBC5201W*61 EBC5201W*61
EBC5201W EBC5201W
EBC5010W*18 EBC5010W*18
EBC5010W*19 EBC5010W*19
EBC5010W*20 EBC5010W*20
EBC5030W*18 EBC5030W*18
EBC5030W*19 EBC5030W*19
EBC5030W*20 EBC5030W*20
61F810W*01 61F810W*01
EEC1230W-L*27 EEC1230W-L*27
EEC1230W-R*27 EEC1230W-R*27
EEC1230W-L*29 EEC1230W-L*29
EEC1230W-R*29 EEC1230W-R*29
EBC5201W*43 EBC5201W*43
PAK130W*41 PAK130W*41
PAK130W*61 PAK130W*61
WLE522WA 94000179913
WLE522WA 94000179915
WLE525WA 94000180216
EBC5201W*04 EBC5201W*04
PAK130W*52 PAK130W*52
PAK130W*53 PAK130W*53
PAK130W*59 PAK130W*59
PAK130W*04 PAK130W*04
PAK130W*32 PAK130W*32
WLE527WA 94000180318
WLE522WA 94000179919
WLE525WA 94000180219
WLE527WA 94000180319
WLE525WA 94000180215
WLE527WA 94000180315
WLE525WA 94000180209
WLE527WA 94000180309
WLE525WA 940001802
WLE527WA 940001803
WLE527WA 94000180316
WLE522WA 94000179920
PAK140W*59 PAK140W*59
PAK140W*61 PAK140W*61
PAK509R*59 PAK509R*59
PAK518W 94000172666

EUC5110W*04 EUC5110W*04
EUC5130W*04 EUC5130W*04
EUC5330W*04 EUC5330W*04
EBC5010W EBC5010W
EBC5030W EBC5030W
EBC5010W*04 EBC5010W*04
EBC5030W*04 EBC5030W*04
EEC1230W-L EEC1230W-L
61D890R*15 61D890R*15

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