Smeg Dishwasher Door Lock Latch Mechanism 697690142

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Part codes: 697690142 SMG697690142, 5031680282764, 620004668, 0095448, E34213, 1003689, Z697690142


Door latch assembly without door microswitches.

Fits Smeg SNZ642S-1, PL620X, PL623X, PL663X, PL670X, PL672X, SA620X, SA622X, SA623X, SA625X, SA662X, SA663X, SA670X, SA672X, SA5563WH, Omega DW2003X & many other models.

A445XA, AKVA45, AP541, AP541.2, AP541.3, AP542, AP641, AP641B, AP642, AP642B, APL961X, AT-2000, BLV1155, BLV3755, BLV515, BLV531, BLV532, BLV535, BLV551, BLV552, BLV953, BS4004, C451P, C454, CA01, CA01-1, CL6S, CL6S.1, CL6S-2, CL6W, CL6W.1, CL6W-2, CSE68X-S, CSE68X-S1, CSU2001B, CSU2001W, CSU2007B, CSU2007W, D455, D455UK, D459UK, DDW114, DDW115, DDW116, DDW117, DDW118, DDW118.1, DDW119, DDW119.1, DF55, DF56, DGSP60W, DI21X, DI65, DI65.1, DIL60, DIPLTWIST, DIPTWIST1, DIPTWIST2, DW2000EB, DW2000X, DW2002EB, DW2002X, DW2003WH, DW2003X, DW2004EB, DW2004X, DW2005WH, DW2005X, DW660B, DW660W, DWB555, DWB853, DWD612CSS, DWD612CWH, DWD612SS, DWD61BL, DWD61BL1, DWD61BR, DWD61BR1, DWD61SS, DWD61SS1, DWD61WH, DWD61WH1, DWD63.1BL, DWD63.1SS, DWD63.1WH, DWD63BLE, DWD63SS, DWD63SSE, DWD63WH, DWD63WHE, DWD64.1BL, DWD64.1SS, DWD64.1WH, DWD64BL, DWD64SS, DWD64SSE, DWD64WH, DWF44SS, DWF612SS, DWF612WH, DWF614SS, DWF614WH, EL01, EL03, EL05, GES3940N, GES3980, GES3980.1, GI72340W, GI72341B, GI72342S, GI72343E, GI72443E, GS327-4B, GS327-4E, GS327-4S, GS327-4W, GS329-42B, GS329-42E, GS329-42S, GS329-42W, GS60.1CN, GS60.2CN, GS60-3CN, GS62-2CN, GS6400-1, GS6400-2, GS6400-3, GS6400-4, GS72040, GS72042, GSA4087, GSA4587, GSD541B, GSD541B-S, GSD541W, GSD541W-S, GSD640, GSD641, GSD641B, GSD641BS, GSD641B-S, GSD641WS, GSGP10.2R, GSGP10.3B, GSGP10-4B, GSGP11.2S, GSGP11.3S, GSGP11-4S, GSGP15.2W, GSGP15.3W, GSGP15-4W, GSGP19.2E, GSGP19.3E, GSGP19-4E, GSI541B, GSI541B., GSI541B-S, GSI541E, GSI541E.1, GSI541S, GSI541S., GSI541TT, GSI541W, GSI541W., GSI541W-S, GSI542B, GSI542B., GSI542E, GSI542E.1, GSI542S, GSI542S., GSI542W, GSI542W., GSI582B, GSI582B., GSI582E, GSI582E.1, GSI582S, GSI582S., GSI582TT, GSI582W, GSI582W., GSI641AL, GSI641B, GSI641B.2, GSI641B-3, GSI641BS, GSI641B-S, GSI641E.1, GSI641E.2, GSI641E2, GSI641E-3, GSI641S, GSI641S.2, GSI641S-3, GSI641TT, GSI641W, GSI641W.2, GSI641W-3, GSI641WS, GSI641W-S

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